Each of the special smell


Each of the special smell.
In Tula's guns and baking smells.
Moscow smells money and power.
Smells like cheese in Paris and passion.

In London fog and smells kebom.
And in the Stavropol Territory — fresh bread.
Any city can be so described.
Chelyabinsk … Well, here in a few words to say.

After midnight, smelling plant.
What? Yes, anything — you want to zinc, he likes to iodine.
Maybe even pull from the treatment,
It smells of sorts, where the nose or stick.

There was a smell of burning rubber in Chelyabinsk,
Dead cats, wet of dog,
All that has to be filtered, alas,
Happily smells of each pipe.

Cadmium, lead and zinc (already mentioned) …
Except that bromine is not poisoned …
Well, omissions fixed! Bromine
Now delivered Chelyabinsk in the house!

Honestly clipped here chelyabinsk.ru

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