Earth has reached a point of no return — today a disaster can happen!

Tuesday, September 27, the world will come a rainy day. According to the organization Global Footprint Network, by that date, the final humans consume all the planet's resources,
and renew vital benefits of nature no longer can. However, other scientists are skeptical of the projected panic colleagues.

The upcoming Black Tuesday American scientists called Earth Overshoot Day. No return date
experts calculated using artless formula: Divide the number of the world's bio on the number of environmental measures and multiply all the 365 days of the year. According to the conclusions of Americans over the past 10 months, humans have consumed resources, and also eaten resources (not to mention the water and air) for the year ahead. Roughly speaking, in 2012, we would have nothing to consume: Some media in connection with the discovery hastened to proclaim the ecological apocalypse — they say that the world will end before December 2012.

In fact, according to those same experts from Global Footprint Network, humanity has passed a critical threshold in the 1970's: on getting worse.

Conclusion Americans about the "point of no return" appeared almost simultaneously with the report of the UN, which with all the horrific brutality ascertained what people already suspected: one in six people in the world are starving.

Commenting on this statement, co-chairman of the international environmental group Ecodefense Vladimir Slivyak noted that Americans are not so wrong, reports

"It is difficult to say whether there will be what you mentioned, this week. I have these data available. But, of course, this is a warning, it is not news that the planet can not cope with the negative impact of man. Here and pollution and large-scale felling of green space, that is, it is primarily of tropical forests, and more. You probably do know that climate change is happening, and in the near future, this process can go so far as to actually point of no return will be passed, "- said Slivyak.

But the head of the regional branch of the Russian public organization Green Patrol expressed bewilderment: How can you make any global environmental calculations and surely scare people "points of no return"?

"It's some kind of schizo said. Bullshit. Course ecology is deteriorating, we do live in an industrial society. But the point of no return … What does it all counted? So could say only biased people. Remember, we are not just frightened by different phenomena: the ozone Hole and other horror stories? About point of no return in person the first time I hear it. If it did exist, it would have been about all knew. Our generation just do not worry, but those who will be in hundreds of thousands of years to live … But this time on Earth may meteorite fall, destroying everything. Nobody knows how to do these things count "- says ecologist.

As reported by, Americans have found a mistake in the calculation of the ancient Maya. They believe that the world will end sooner than thought the Indians, and the death of civilization will be long and painful.

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