Earth is preparing to meet a powerful solar flare

Recall that on the surface of the Sun with a difference of a few hours there were two powerful flash, both belong to the X-class, and if the first had the power of X-1.1, then the second was classified X-5.4, becoming the most powerful in the last five years. Charged particles ejected from the Sun's surface, called to the northern and southern latitudes, the aurora, the likely disruptions of satellite communication and navigation. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that the current effects of solar emissions in the Earth will be the strongest in the last five years. Experts say that our star has made two so-called coronal mass ejections, in which the particles are moving at a speed of about 6.4 million km / h. Although both emissions were not aimed directly at the Earth, they will affect the planet on a tangent, and their impact will still be felt.The first magnetic disturbances in the Earth's atmosphere can be felt already from 10:25 MSK, warned NASA. Peak impact will be in 16.00.Amateur astronomers, located in the northern latitudes can observe the aurora, which is a manifestation of solar radiation. Experts say that, based on the size and power of the flash can talk about what she did when the Earth's orbit will retain a significant fraction of the radiation. NASA also said that prepared the Spitzer Space Telescope to radiation impact, turning off all the specific equipment and removing the telescope against the sun.According to statistics, this year's outbreak occurred class X is the second. Also in 2012, there were several M-and S-bursts.The last release came from the region AR1429, which is the size of about 4-5 times the size of Earth. Active point, prior to the release of the mass AR1429 appeared March 2, what to speak of the coming outbreak. Experts say that the X-flare aimed at Earth, can cause measurable effects, such as equipment malfunctions, poor health meteodependent people and others.Source:

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