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20.05.12.Utrom Sunday in northern Italy, an earthquake of magnitude 6.3 between the cities of Bologna, Ferrara and Modena.
The number of victims of the tragedy rose to six people, at least 50 injured, according to the Department of Civil Protection of Italy. Killed 4 men and 2 women, one of the victims was 100, according to the Italian rescuers.
Three people died in the province of Ferrara, they were all working. One was killed in a factory for the production of polystyrene in bonds, it has fallen roof of the warehouse. Two other workers were killed in the ceramic factory in Sant 'Agostino, in the same city because of the earthquake fell church bell.
According to preliminary information, two more people died of a heart attack on a background of fear experienced, one of them — 37-year-old woman who died in Bologna. Information on casualties or damage specified.
For the last night, seismologists have recorded 17 aftershocks, the epicenter of which was located in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. Fluctuations in the Earth's crust is distinctly felt not only here but also in the central region of Tuscany and northern Veneto, Lombardy, Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The epicenter was in the elements in the Po plain, 35 km north of Bologna, at a depth of about 10 kilometers. Tremors started about 06.04 Moscow time and lasted about 20 seconds. According to some data, the magnitude of the first quake was 5.9 points, three followed him — 4.9, 3.3 and 2.9.
In several locations tremors were damaged or destroyed buildings. Documented numerous historic buildings collapsed in the province of Ferrara, damage to the church in the province of Modena, in the town of San Felice church collapsed and severely damaged the city hall, according to civil protection in Italy. In Finale Emilia were evacuated as a precaution, patients at the local hospital. Seriously damaged several historic buildings in the city of Sant'Agostino. Rescuers check the situation in other neighboring towns. In the affected region, many buildings collapsed roofs, cracked walls, the streets were formed debris.
Local residents in panic from their homes and ran out into the street. At the moment, apart the rescuers crumbling buildings in search of survivors and bodies. Four cities in the affected area today is the element of the second round of voting in the administrative elections. Polling stations are working normally.
In 2009, Italy was another major earthquake, wrote about it On the night of 5 to 6 April 2009 in the Abruzzo region began aftershocks of magnitude 5.8 on the Richter scale, which lasted more than 10 minutes. An hour later the tremors resumed and continued intermittently until 11 am Monday.
Despite the fact that their power waned, the country declared a national emergency. In the city of L'Aquila, the regional capital, damaged and destroyed half of the residential and commercial buildings. Left homeless more than 10 thousand people, 15 thousand — without electricity and phone service.
According to the Department of Civil Defense, as a result of rampant disaster killed more than 90 people, including five children. Tens declared missing. At the request of Mayor Luigi Kalvizi Fossa, died as a three year old girl from Russia, her twin sister rescued girls' mother was wounded. According to the mayor Kalvizi, the family settled in Fosse about a month ago.
To offers of help rescuers from Russia, Germany, Israel and a number of EU countries head of the Italian Ministry of Emergency Situations said that Italian rescuers can cope with the consequences of the earthquake itself.
Head of the Laboratory of continental seismicity and seismic hazard forecasting Institute of Physics of the Earth Alex Zavyalov said that devices capable of warning of an earthquake in a month or a few days there — short-term forecasts, seismologists do a maximum of one year in advance. "Long-term predictions are made for 10 years on and with reality by 60-80%. To increase the accuracy of predictions to deploy in-depth network of seismic observations. It is in the world, but the predictions are based on the statistics of earthquakes, so difficult to achieve high accuracy, "- said Alexey Zavyalov.
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