Earthquake in Western Georgia. Video


18.08.11.Silnoe earthquake occurred today in West Gruzii.Epitsentr tremors was 5.5 points in the mountainous region Racha.Kak say local authorities, victims, and there is no serious damage.

Two years ago in this region, there was also a strong earthquake of magnitude six points.

But the most devastating earthquakes were in 1991 godu.Ih capacity was about 9 ballov.Togda killed about two hundred people, destroyed nearly 50,000 homes.

Source: Channel PIC


In Georgia today registered two earthquakes

18.08.11.V Racha August 18 earthquake with magnitude 5.5 points to 15.57 Tbilisi time. 

According to the Center of the seismic monitoring of Georgia, the epicenter was located in the village of Chrebalo.

The center stated that the earthquake was strong enough, and possibly could cause some damage to buildings.

Local authorities are trying to establish whether there is damage in populated areas. Meanwhile, on August 18 there were another earthquake in the area. The epicenter was in the village Gendushi and intensity of the earthquake was 3.6 points.

Source: Channel PIC

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