Egypt: Archaeologists have found 50 mummies




Archaeologists from Egypt and France have reported the discovery of 50 ancient Egyptian mummies, burial place, 25 km south of Cairo. Some mummies, dressed in linen shrouds and placed in wooden and stone sarcophagi, well preserved to this day.

The head of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities Zahi Hawass said that archaeologists had discovered a maze of underground shafts and corridors, which was used as a burial place for several centuries, beginning with the reign of the 26th Dynasty (664 — 25 BC. E .) to the Ptolemaic era, which was lost with the death of Cleopatra 30 BC. e.

The discovered burial, presumably, served as the cemetery of the capital of ancient Egypt Memphis. At least one of the Ptolemaic mummies found exceptionally well preserved. Scientists hope that when next week will open other sarcophagi, mummies discovered there will be in as good condition. The researchers also did not rule out that the burial can be found hundreds of gold amulets, which at that time was to bury the dead.

Battery News, 28.04.2004 15:40
Source: Nord

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