Emergency on Gorlovsky Coke. Video


11.06.11.Vchera evening, June 10, at 18.25 at Gorlovsky Coke was discontinued supply of electricity from the network "Regional Energy", which caused a traffic hazard and led to the discharge into the atmosphere of surplus coke oven gas. This writes 06242.com.ua.

"As a result of the termination of the power supply was disrupted continuous process, stopped gazotrubnye machines and pumps. In this situation, according to the plan to eliminate the accident, the discharge of coke oven gas was the only solution. In order to minimize the adverse effects on the environment, coke oven gas burned — when burned release of harmful substances into the atmosphere is dramatically reduced. Coke oven gas is poisonous effect on the body. In addition to carbon dioxide, it contains other toxic substances. These include hydrogen sulfide, benzene, phenol, ammonia, naphthalene, and other substances that give the coke gas characteristic odor, making it easy to detect its presence in the air and to take timely preventive measures to protect. Coke oven gas is lighter than air and accumulating in the upper parts of the premises, creating dangerous levels of poisons, and the body through the open areas of the body and the mucous membranes, "- said the publication.

At 19:35 voltage supply to the coke battery was renewed, restored to operating practices and the work of the plant has been normalized. According to the director of "Istek" Horlivka Coke Peter Golovin, catastrophic environmental hazards, as such, for the city was not. Injuries among employees not. Surrounding got only a fraction of the coke oven gas.

As the channel "Center," according to plan for the elimination of the accident, were placed in the fame all the specialized services that responded quickly to the emergency.

According to the Chief Medical Officer Victor Lyapina specialists Gorlovskaya SES conducted monitoring of air pollution. At this point, run laboratory tests, the results of which will be announced later. As assured Victor Lyapin, cause for panic in Gorlovka not.


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