End of the world brought schoolgirl to commit suicide


Last SMS schoolgirl girl from Mari El scared predicted the American preacher apokalipsisa.Ne before the end of the world, widely publicized around the world, Nastia Zachinova took his own life by hanging himself in his room.

The fatal deed girl explained the reluctance to die with the rest of 6.5 billion chelovek.Kogda schoolgirl learned that, according to the prediction of the American preacher Harold Camping, the world will end May 21, 2011, her behavior has changed dramatically.

Sociable, cheerful and friendly girl in a matter of days turned into a closed rebenka.Nastya began to dress in all black and started the so-called "diary of death", where all expressed their thoughts.

— May 21 girl returned home from school, make a loop of clothesline and hung on the beam porch of his house — told Life News investigator Gornomariyskogo Interdistrict Investigation department Alexander Kosharin. — After school schoolgirl long goodbye to their classmates. Diary entries Nasty we seized as evidence.

A small notebook is full of children's revelations: "We are not saints, but they will ascend into heaven, and we will stay on the ground where we are waiting for the terrible anguish," "On the shore trying to throw the whales are dying birds — is the beginning of the end." — Prosecutors pings girls with religious sects or gothic movement — say the investigators SU TFR in Mari El. — The girl's parents said they had not been able to think that my daughter is preparing for such a move.

Nasty mom still can not believe in the death of her only child.

Nastya spend their last came all the villagers Tetyanovo Mari El Republic. Grieving parents of a daughter dressed in all white. — She took this date too close to my heart — my mother crying girl Lyudmila Zachinova.

Nikita Mogutin

Life News Online

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