End of the world. Nearest forecasts

October 29, 2011 13:27

The impact of the black hole will destroy Earth in 2014

According to astrophysicists, the Earth is approaching cloud of unknown origin, which deletes everything in its path. It came from a black hole — at a distance of 28 000 light years from earth. Astronomers are watching for a celestial body, they say that they have found a strange bunch, which has been dubbed "sowing chaos cloud" — it destroys everything in its path: comets, asteroids, planets and stars. Now he goes to Earth.

Space object, which extends to 10 million miles, was discovered by NASA Chandra Observatory in April 2009 and, according to scientists, classified as "acid mist." As expected, a mysterious cloud reaches the Earth in 2014.

"The bad news — is that the complete destruction of the solar system is inevitable," — said Albert Shervinsky, an astrophysicist at the University of Cambridge. According Shervinsky this very large hole is located about 28,000 light-years from Earth — is estimated somewhere in the center of our galaxy.

It is noteworthy that in the past, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking was forced to revise his theory of black holes. First it was thought that no object can come from a strong gravitational field of a black hole. Subsequently, however, the scientist came to the conclusion that the information about the objects that fall into a cosmic hole, can be emitted back to the modified form.

Moreover, if the cloud reaches the Earth, the effect of its impact on the planet will be like, as if the ink spilled on handwritten text of the water, which corrodes the words and makes a mess.

According Shervinsky, information about an approaching threat is kept secret, and NASA, trying to avoid panic, not in a hurry to disclose the find.

Astrophysicist convinced that, if the cloud did not swerve from its path, our galaxy is reduced to its former size, ie to its original state of birth of the universe.

However, scientists are already talking about the possibility of saving the Earth's population, at least in some part, by running a space ark in the Andromeda galaxy, which is located at a distance of 2.1 million light-years from Earth.

What threatens the LHC running in 2010?

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) — is the most ambitious experimental unit in the history of mankind.

Structurally, the LHC is a huge particle accelerator, the accelerator ring located on the border of Switzerland and France, and its length is about 27 kilometers. Along this ring are powerful electromagnets, which disperse the charged particles. Such huge dimensions of the plant to disperse particles to energies of 14 TeV subsequent collision with the target in the center of the detector chamber. Scientists believe that when such a collision can reproduce conditions similar to those that have been in our universe after the Big Bang.

Some scholars have put forward the theory that the launch of the LHC could lead to a catastrophe on our planet, in other words by the end of the world. According to them, in the Collider may be a black hole, absorbing the planet. These statements are widely used in the media and on the Internet, resulting in a lively debate arose around the LHC startup.

The organizers of the experiment on the contrary, claim that there is no danger of the LHC is not. According to them, the black holes in the collision of particles at high speeds will occur and should occur according to their calculations, but these black holes would be microscopic in size, and their time will not exceed 10-17 seconds.

March 21, 2008 in federal district court in Hawaii was filed by Walter Wagner (Walter L. Wagner) and Luis Sancho (Luis Sancho), in which they accuse of trying to arrange CERN end of the world, you want to prevent launch of the collider as long as no will be guaranteed his safety.

Thus, soon LHC running at full capacity and we'll see where this might lead. Although it is the most authoritative scholars unanimously declare the safety of the experiment, the common people continue to express their concerns and grievances. The moment of truth soon!

Comets and asteroids.

Asteroids, as well as a comet — witness the time when 4.6 billion years ago from the hot, vihryaschihsya clouds of gas and dust, the solar system originated. The matter was compressed into planetesimals — small celestial bodies, which then began to connect, of these "building blocks" to form planets and their satellites. But not all of the planetesimals together in the heavenly bodies, some of the compounds dissolved, they often leave in free flight. Due to external causes asteroids and comets may come off from their orbits.

Asteroid can head to the Sun or 3emle in a collision with another body or under the influence of Jupiter's gravity. Attraction stars often change orbits of comets.
Comet penetrated the solar system unnoticed until, until after the orbit of Jupiter. Asteroids are practically invisible: they reflect too little sunlight.

By late September 2001, the Centre registered 1,505 near-Earth objects: 1462 asteroid and comet 43. Of these, more than five hundred asteroids — more than a kilometer in diameter, and the clash with them, not doubt, would have serious consequences for all mankind.

Risk of collision exists permanently. In June 2000, five hundred thousand kilometers from Earth asteroid 2000 was LG6-stone diameter of 4-9 meters. Had previously been discovered asteroid 1994 HM1, which flew 105,000 miles from Earth. But the biggest "bomb" — the asteroid 1937 UB, which is named after the messenger of the gods Hermes. In October 1937, he flew about 800,000 miles from Earth. After ztogo astronomers lost track of him. It is possible that a malicious Hermes many times found himself nearby.

In 1998, the first alarm is gripping the world. Head of the Center for Research of asteroids Brian Marsden told the press: it is possible that the asteroid 1997 XF11 radius of about a kilometer in 2028 collide with Earth. But further study has shown that in fact, the asteroid will be a million miles away from us.
In November 2000, it was reported on the possibility of asteroid 2000 SG344 on the surface of the Earth at the end of September 2030. Probability — 1 to 500. Following this message immediately followed by rebuttal: Disaster in 2030, no, but there is a risk of collision 1 in 1000 September 16, 2071.

To date, no more or less real way to avert the inevitable decline has been invented. And I hope that the way will have time to think before they fall to Earth some stray comet!

This is just some of the dates. The total number of dates are simply huge!

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