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25.03.10.YA sometimes see enchanting dreams are filled with incredible beauty of the image, or has the amazing sense.
I'm easy to memorize and is always written. They are not common, but already 25 years old, I drew attention to it, and now with pleasure to enjoy "pictures" when they still sluchayutsya.Tri days ago was another magical dream! Long time they did not please me.

We drove out of Dubai with his family for about 4 o'clock in the direction of Al Ain. We drove straight as an arrow road, fenced from the red dunes only a narrow strip of artificial trees …
Somewhere half way, I noticed that all of a sudden, many people began to stop, leave the car and look at the sky. I did the same thing, to pull over, got out and peered up at the sky in the direction you are viewing the others. The sky was Zavolochye of brown dust on the horizon, but it is a frequent occurrence here. Around a white faded sun, I noticed a bright circle on a fairly large distance from the sun.
— yes it's just a halo! I exclaimed to his neighbor, "observer", which was parked in this place before me.
— this is a common physical phenomenon! Dust in the air has caused such an effect! I went to him.
— Oh no! Look out! Then another! — He cried with fear and confusion in his voice and the look!
I continued to look at the circle, trying to catch that — exactly it caused such a reaction, and the behavior of the other onlookers.
And suddenly I saw that on the right, bottom glowing circle there was one more pale sun.
— Well, it's just a false sun! this kind of halo! I exclaimed to his neighbor.
— No — see more! In short he called me and pulled my jacket sleeve in the direction of this phenomenon.
— There! look!
And then I saw it and realized that caused such pandemonium onlookers.
Sundog disappeared from the circle of the halo, and then appeared on it, but in another in his place, for 10 hours, if we compare with the face. Held there for a moment, and then again to jump to a different location, and then disappeared completely, and then appeared in three places. Suddenly, the image of a false sun set about to rush on this circle, as if in a panic, and then disappeared again. Then it flashed again, but not on the circle, and between the real halo around the sun and …
Suddenly, it became much darker, like us really approaching dust storm .. The sun seemed clouded clouds.
I frantically tried to explain to myself what he saw, I am a physicist by training, my thoughts floated like a monkey in the cage before the storm. Suddenly, I was born an explanation what is happening. I turned to my neighbor to tell you what a powerful dust storm between the sun and us, and leads the air to such a change in its density, and that's what they call this picture. But I saw a face contorted with terror and he decided not to say anything and looked at the sky.
The sky was born terror.
Dark shroud lost its transparency, the sky was like a huge brown cloud that was coming to us from the horizon, the sun was darkened, and completely lost. People swept up in a panic, jumping into their cars road filled with shouts and the sound of screeching tires and roaring engines. Who is the off-road swerved into the sand and carried away by what they saw someone just tossed on the road not knowing where to hide. I stood as if turned to stone, and continued to stare at the sky.
At this point, the sky exploded!
From the clouds to the ground fell a huge object, about 40 degrees in the angular size. He was a ball-shaped and very similar to the moon.
But it was not the moon. It was a different color, and obviously not the moon.
I like to freeze.
In my head there was only one main idea.
"Land of the end of" The End of all life, humanity, civilization, possibly the end of the earth as a space object of its orbit, speed, etc.
— Now, I see first hand the end of life, end of the world, and this was the absolute end. Thought invested in microseconds
At this time I was able to see very far, as the shock wave is born painted all the colors of the fire, looking at the people rushing about, and realized that the government should have been aware of such an outcome, and they are silent, hidden, because the rescue was not possible. With all of your "end" of the world and therefore appeared in print and on the Internet, they were guaranteed to be non-hazardous. And what a dangerous date, leading to it — no one would have never allowed to be published.
Riot of colors going on strike imagination.
And there was a great sense of fear imminent end now and here.

Then worked some property of my sleeping mind, acquired in a dream for a long history dating to them.
Pull their socks up and carried me for 15 minutes in the past, before the cataclysm.
I have successfully done this way to preserve the memory of what awaits us all here now. And I began to look for in a terrible speed search of salvation. Sleeping mind takes me into the deep, and the atmosphere, the ground and in space. But I realized that salvation is not available anywhere else. Reassured by this, I have lost the fear, and just chose one of the options. Underground.
I was in the mine, a certain technical her desk, and began to go deeper and deeper
. The way I was amazed that everything is really prepared for this event. But I still knew the futility of these preparations. At some stage next duty have my way, helped transfer into another trolley and I was back on the road.
and that's when I was already on the road to self-seekers rang alarm.
I woke up calm and happy, as if released from a picture of Cameroon.

To the imposition of sleep thinking — "We will never be informed of the date of this cataclysm. Never. "

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