Enduring and famous? In the fighting has known … who?

At War (American) woman's face completely. Or chest. We are accustomed to think that bad things happen only in the army, and we could not be worse. It myself many times wrote. And no. It can. Even in the best army in the world.

First, first — in skyscrapers …

Bearded "international terrorist" only negligible imitator, because after the opening of the "neboskrebnyh attacks" … belongs to the U.S. Air Force pilots!
First performed this act of a twin-engine bomber, "Mitchell" June 28, 1945. Colonel William Smith was carrying out a flight attendant, can not cope with the management, and the car crashed into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building. Then, killing 13 people. Enormous damage was avoided only because of the lack of ammunition on the plane.
Second, May 20, 1946, a heavy bomber rammed a B-25 58th floor high-rise on Wall Street. The victims of the tragedy were 10 people.

So there is nothing new under the sun. At sea, too funny.

Not many people know that the September 9, 1923 the United States experienced a shock, not least, human Pearl Harbor. On that day 18 U.S. Navy ships conducted drills at a distance of 75 miles north of Santa Barbara, near the peninsula of San Miguel. The core of the squadron were 7 four-pipe destroyer, the pride of the Pacific fleet.
Everything was ordinary, and nothing is promised a failure, but at Cape Arguello with flawless weather criteria for all seven destroyers, "Nicholas", "Delphi", "Lee", "Young", "Fuller", "Chaunsi" and "Woodberry" in a serious order of battle in turn sat on the mountain! The victims were the lowest, but the effect — simply stunning. Seven ships were a pile of scrap metal in half an hour! The Navy and the presidential administration decided not to inform the civilization of the incident. The investigation was held in the strictest confidence, and the ships did not even removed from the shallows …

"Delta Force", various seals and other fur farm is good only in the movies

"Operation Eagle Claw" for the release of 52 hostages held November 4, 1979 at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran after the anti-Shah revolution of Ayatollah Khomeini.
Responsible for the operation of Army Major-General D. Voigt preparing it along with the commander superotryada "Delta Force" Part Bekvittom about a month.
Several helicopters just … get lost! South american Special Forces had lost five helicopters with crews and aircraft EC-130, a few cars were not able to get to the "place of X". The commandos poked through the desert, like blind kittens, which threatened the detection and complete destruction. Only a "wise" decision to withdraw taken Bekvittom, special forces repelled from total disaster.
Did not join the battle, not rescuing any of the 1st hostage, "Delta Force" to get out of Iran. Khomeini in mockery commanded to release all hostages immediately after it became clear the failure of the operation. During the race for the presidential candidate D. Carter, it was a humiliating slap in the face …

Shock and awe.

Specifically, these feelings experienced management of the U.S. Army after the eponymous operations in Iraq in the spring of 2003. To be allocated under the plan for the complete victory …… three days resulted in six weeks of fierce battles and nearly 7 years of "restoring order."
Will not deal with policy and analyze only capture the country's military operation. Prior to its inception the United States and England had a large numerical and military-technical superiority, but this has not led to a trivial victory …
Advent was of disorganized and messy nature, the troops were crowded on a small patch where, as a blind, moving in all directions, groping for a breakthrough gaps in the defense of the Iraqis. For example, the capture of the port of Umm Qasr was reported about 5 times. In contrast, the settlement of the Iraqi "Grad" battalion headquarters Marines in Nasiriyah was attached to the wrong beat of their own mortars. Such cases are, by the way, is also missing. Proved to be very bad, "the best tank of the world" M-1a.2 «Abrams» (knocked out 64 cars). And this despite the fact that at the forefront of advancing issued in Yugoslavia under license tanks M-84 (Russian T-72) from the Czech crews. Overestimated the ability of the coalition and the Airborne Troops. Massive introduction of helicopters, due to their losses, failed. Tactical assault forces often failed. Summed and actions of special forces.
Not justified, and the WTO (precision instrument) — Electronics was capricious and unreliable criteria in the desert. War showed that the main factor of success in modern warfare are the classic types of guns and the "human factor".

Saving Private Lynch

They say the war is not in a woman's face. The American War, as well as the American army, and it is now. The face of the invincible armada of U.S. became common Jessica Lynch, blonde and attractive lady, who became the most famous prisoner of war in the history of warfare.

Its current path is still very short. Future Slayer Arabs born in Palestine (Virginia). Having experienced myself as a saleswoman, Jessica decided that the curve of the American Dream will make it up through service in the military. The choice is entirely applicable. South American military are funny, their bases scattered throughout the warm edges of the population is well …

But disaster Iraq campaign, and Jessica roared back to meet his own "feat." The feat was the fact that on March 25 last year, her department to get lost in the town of Nasiriyah on fault useless commander and eventually fell into the Iraqi ambush. Lynch comrades were killed, her rifle jammed, and she wounded and fractures, was taken prisoner, where she was, of course, was raped (2004. Regitsya The U.S. Army on average 14,000 rapes or attempted rapes a year), cruelly tortured and wished to cut foot because of the inability to cure broken bones.

But she was lucky, and one good Iraqi Yankee lawyer said on its finding. Courageous Rangers (or "seals" or "seals" or "walruses") entered into battle and fought off the rank and file Lynch at Saddam fanatics.

Unfortunately, after suffering pangs it kind of lost memory and does not remember what happened to her in captivity. Although this unfortunate event did not prevent her to write a book «I'm Soldier, Too» (I'm also a fighter). More precisely, the book wrote Pulitzer Prize winner Rick Bragg, but "with the words" heroine. And she was given a lot of awards, including a very honorable in the USA "Medal of prisoner of war."

And then began lining. The first talking doctors clinics, where Tipo tortured unfortunate. Traces of rape does not exist, because she was taken dressed and even body armor. It was found that, on the contrary, it was received with great compassion, and even arranged for a single (!) In the hospital surgical bed and identifie
d one of the 2-hospital nurses.

Despite the lack of medicines and blood, she made two transfusions, and the blood passed the clinic staff. Gunshot wounds in Lynch was not, and Dr. Al-Huson in his own car took her to the South American checkpoint. But they were afraid of everything that moves, opened fire on the car, and had to come back.

Later it turned out that the assault was staged clinics. The commandos knew that resistance would not be in front of TV cameras and angrily fired blanks into the void. Ashamed, the Pentagon later admitted that the assault was not quite. After Jessica and she admitted that it was used for propaganda purposes.

But it is not the failure of the staging, and the fact that the Iraq war room for heroics just was not an advantage for the Yankees was present throughout. The heroes were made of air, but in the history of "Saving Private Lynch"Just such there was no need. Comrades Lynch, in contrast, cowardly zasunuvshey head in the sand, firing back all the way, but they were not invited to eternity. The ancestors of the victims accused her of speculation on the death of their babies, and the American way of compensation claimed. So once the bubble burst of the American tale of patriotism.

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