Environmentalists predict the death of 50 thousand hectares of forest near Moscow

Last year's heat wave has led to the massive proliferation of dangerous forest bark beetles. In the suburbs hit by harmful insects for 20 hectares. According to the pessimistic forecasts of environmentalists, in the coming months to be destroyed 50,000 hectares of forest, write "News".

According to the latest expert evaluation FSI "Roslesozaschita" fall 2010 attack bark beetle has undergone every tenth tree forest near Moscow. Hardest-hit area and planting Schelkovskogo Rublevki. According to the head of the press center "Roslesozaschity" Valery Yakovlev, this year, "the expected massive outbreak of bark beetles to desiccation and death of spruce." Experts examine the affected area.

According to the head of the forest program "Greenpeace Russia" Alexei Yaroshenko, the situation "has reached a stage where the stop outbreaks spread of bark beetles is impossible." The main reason for the mass distribution of beetles served as a heat wave in 2010. A huge number of frail, lifeless trees, which are the main food of bark beetles. Beetles are also bred on a fallen tree that has not been analyzed in a timely manner, after which the insects have moved on healthy plantings.

Forest near Moscow comfortable for bark beetles and because in Soviet times, it was planted mainly spruce cultures, which are the main target of the beetles. In general, the effect of the environmental impact of bark compared to the absence of the circulatory system in humans. "Bark beetles lead to the fact that the tree stops talk of certain substances, without which there is no longer can. Tree looks can be green, and inside the dead" — said Yakovlev. The last outbreak of bark beetle population in the Moscow region was observed in 2002, but then the scale of the damage was smaller: bugs damaged or destroyed about 13,000 hectares of forest, according newsmsk.com

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