Era through the eyes of the Chinese sage

November 9, 2011 11:08

Sinologist, translator, writer, artist and social activist Bronislaw Vinogrodsky in an exclusive interview for the "beautiful people" spoke about simple truths, present in the ancient Chinese treatise several millennia ago, and that we can expect.

Unwittingly, Bronislaw present in my life for several years. From the moment I first saw Chinese tea in the tea club "Dragon Well." Pouring me a cup a cup, the owner of the space, Dan told me a fascinating and exhilarating imagination hearing stories about faraway wondrous places where tea grows thousands of years, which we now partake.

For information on when it is collected, as fermented sacred ways and, more importantly, how far he has done, had the opportunity to enjoy chtobymy im.I that took him through thousands of whether the original master, judge, scholar and teacher, Dan, one Bronislaw Vinogrodskiy.Kitayskaya topic on that time I was already deeply interested in and attracted by its mysteries.

Thanking heaven for the gift of fate, from the moment I began to touch with everything that came into the tea Dan from China through Bronislaw. I parted the boundless world of tea, which can not fully know. I loved the mystic jade and do not part with him ever. Ceramics, bronzes, art, mythology and philosophy of China — all tightly woven into the fabric of my life and become part of it. And most importantly, I began to read the ancient Chinese treatise in the most accurate, in my opinion, and digestible Bronislaw translation, and each time, staring at the "Tao Te Ching", opened new dimensions of personality istiny.Masshtab Vinogrodsky amazing. Planetary person living outside the boundaries of time and space, multi-lingual, manages many unthinkable: to translate complex text, publish ikhi few years, rethinking, translate and publish again, writing poetry, prose, song-writing, keep a few of their daily blogs LiveJournal, to fill some of the sites audio performances and new translations. Leading school of management art, consults, builds forecasts. He is in high demand around him vsegdalyudi, and all he gives his time and of themselves. Of course, a lot of time in Kitae.Znaet it better than most and loves with all his heart. Real Taoist, even externally. In this case, such a, Russian. My two year old daughter after meeting him for a long time very fondly remembered him: "Grandpa — good." Just have a conversation about the time sense and way of meaning, of our land and the people living on it, the truth hidden in the ancient texts and spilled everywhere such obvious, ordinary, and therefore do not notice us … Bronislaw beautiful and delicious pouring tea. We are at his home. It seems that sitting on the bank of the river that carries you past the deep water of knowledge and wisdom, and its sources are inexhaustible, and will not stop its course. A beautiful person, a truly successful and happy, in the true meaning of these words.

SERGEI Kudashkina

True knowledge of ancient texts

As a young man, I realized that in order to get some kind of knowledge you need to know the ancient languages. Only in the ancient texts have real knowledge, and different interpretations for this did not fit. I realized that these ancient texts exist in several ancient languages, which one could imagine available at the time. This is an ancient Egyptian, Hebrew, Sanskrit and ancient Chinese. And since the chances of getting any literature on these languages do not exist at all (at the time I was living in Khabarovsk, and China after graduation, I have to some extent owned), I began to ancient Chinese. And occupied directly "Daode Ching". There was a distinct feeling that the knowledge there. There they were.

"Tao Te Ching" — SPECIAL TEXT

I have three books in the series of "Chinese wisdom": "Towards the ruler", "On the way of longevity" and "The Way of Tea." These three types of arrangements of "Tao Te Ching" relate to the understanding of the world as a field of interaction between the three parts of reality, creating a field deyatelnosti.Eti playing field, creating the world can be divided into three types, which are suspended in a conceptual space perception from the outside. External environment — is the circumstances to which we influence is very concerning. Among intermediate — a filter that is both protected and output outside — it's our business, our work, which we tore out pieces and concentrate some values that affect the other values. Inside we have a State. Actually, for what this whole "kolgotnya" comes to matters: we are trying to save their fortunes these, we try to strengthen, extend good condition, the quality of these states. And in order for it to be, from the ever-threatening circumstances, we are fenced off Delami.No there is one small catch … It is that the states — the main source of our strength, and the strength of the case requires. Thus, starting to interact with the circumstances, fenced off from the states, we sacrifice states at a time, so that here and now to do better — we podnakopiv, patched, stenochku construct … a state goes to the end … You're full of the bastions, all established, and the state-then and there, and to drink, then do not hochetsya.I these three books of wisdom — "Towards the ruler", "On the way of longevity" and the "Way of Tea", is actually a description of how to deal with cases, circumstances, and conditions.


China — it is thoughtful, correct, it requires thoughtfulness. A thoughtful — this is what is lacking greatly. The biggest problem of our time — the surface and completely thoughtless, unsubstantiated conclusions, which the mind is trying to make Russia for any occasion.


We all speak in Russian, and the Russian language has roots, so the roots are not lost. Russian is the one who shares the way of linguistic values of the Russian language.


It was a feeling of childhood, no more. I lived in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Gagarin's flight — just a child … It seems like time — music started — and you plyashesh; finger shown — you laugh, my mother scolded — you cry, gave candy — you rejoice. Someone flew into space, well, thank God, flew and flew. But while it's been a certain field, and it was false — said of a great country, changing it, and yet it did not have all the hurt and decompose. So we came to the point that the whole structure collapsed. Something was wrong, just wrong.

In looking back at the past to the future. Chinese Calendar

I remember a presentation of those years … it's our parents. They lived there, and, in general, not a good life, not end it with happiness. For the vast majority of it ended absurdly incoherent, broken destinies. The vast movement of people, tearing from the roots of the seats. But some there crooks, fixers, aferyugi political, intelligent, tenacious time seized power, and they had some kind of system description, which gave them the illusion that they know what to do with this power. Then he took a little time, and is not clear what to do, what all of these slogans are not enough and that's it, "silly", he is still here, and appeals "to the consciousness" of consciousness is not given, and vsepopytki build a "new world" crumble.

We need to understand how to arrange TIME

In Chinese tradition adopted calendar cycles, which was launched in 2697 BC by Emperor Huang Di.Etot calendar compiled sexagesimal system cycles, which stands several levels of change. As one unit of time is taken 60-year cycle. Kazhdyy60-year cycle is part of a larger unit consisting of three cycles of 60 years — 180 years. The coincidence of the iconic units at multiple levels allows you to track changes in patterns of objects and phenomena in the world. In 1984, the European calendar began the 78th calendar kitayskogo.1924 cycle — the beginning of a new cycle. In 1924, the Soviet Union and formed prokocheval exactly 60 years. In 1954, Khrushchev came to power, a thaw begins the second half of the cycle. Yin part released. Released on nuts untwist new art, all of these physics, poetry, some completely new sound, which led to the fact that all these nuts prirzhaveli by 1984. In fact, from that moment begins to rule Gorbachev.Seychas we are, three years before the end of the mid-cycle. Three years before the end of the cycle plays a special role. This is the tenth part of thirty. These three years clearly show that something else began to happen on the planet. That is the whole series of some "Encyclopedias" — stirred Africa, China has become what it has become, Japan swayed America — all vmeste.S 2011 till 2014 will be regrouping. And in 2014 the first turn and the flow goes the other way. Yin will side — and will continue to thirty. All quite predictable, because in reality there is a development of meaning. What's the point — this is what is generated by man. Moreover, not even themselves generated meanings as defined ways of meaning. When these methods are given meaning-consciously through an understanding of the structure of your unit of meaning, then the story starts to move. In this case, in order to do something right, it is necessary to understand the structure of the time in which we point nahodimsya.Seychas is the third stage in a 180-year cycle, the end — there is no power, it can not be assumed. In those moments when you are in these types of environments, you can not count on the power, and the knowledge. A thoughtful knowledge requires careful fine feeling.

"I write a program remaking this country"

Confucius says about the need for meaningful rituals. At one point I thought that maybe I'll write a program "remake" of that country, but not addressed to the action, but to those who want to act. Need to clean up the three main areas: an area of territory, space, time area — cycles and the area of human moral values.


In order to change people's minds, I would run a meaningful system of holidays. I understand how to do it. Efforts need to do exactly the same, what to do in order to four balls in the palm of spinning and banging into each other. As soon as a meaningful system of the holiday, there will arise and meaningful labor system.

When you realize that ALL fun, APPEARS TRUE

Now, one of my main projects — the game. Space of the game and the game as a way to substitute meanings. Substitution of meaning, I think, now in Russia to take a lot of people who want to beat themselves.


Fine … Is there a trick on how to get real prose — prose is one that will be long and hard, after you're done here. It must be detached from the person who is the bearer of the story, of who have gone through these things. Is in the "Philokalia" (a collection of sacred works of Orthodox authors IV-XV century. — Approx. Edition) in Old stunning text in Russian, I did not find it there), which describes how to pray, "likened unto his heart Husain, meaning — strings, and the words — bryatsalu. " When you write some things, words, some "bryatsalami" you hit the strings, for some states, experiences. Then all poluchitsya.Oni this game are drawn from these meanings somehow hang out … As soon as a game, then there is movement of forces, then there is life, there is no game — no zhizni.Igra — it's always a story, which is on the verge of It … may or may not be the one it works, the other does not, one wins, the other loses. But only when you realize that all the fun, but then there is truth, there nastoyaschee.Igra — a beautiful story. I'm now in the "Book of Changes". I'm making a very big job, which is likely perepropishu in terms of games. In terms of concepts, rules, scoring, values — to play the game. One of my projects — the five types of games: the game research, educational game, the game is creative, communication and game management game. The five types of games are five subspecies of consciousness that work and operate. And at the center of this is art, which is a manifestation of art. Actually, this one is our stupid, poor and miserable pathetic society is built on the five ways and attempts to do something about it.


Now all involve management games, but that can be managed through? You can control through research, through education, through creativity and through communication. Each of these methods is screwed to each other because they are five subspecies of motion games. But in the center, in any case, is creativity. Because the game — it is always creative, always an art. The artist management art, only an artist can decide here zadachi.A artist, the fact of the matter is that it is unpredictable and therefore vnesistemen. Therefore, the power, on the one hand, it wants, and the other, her tunic, she was "on the change" always sits and says, "Give, but we let you shove into the scheme. Oh, yes you are in the scheme of things you do not write, get away with you on the bounce, and Come, subscribe to the scheme. " And the artist in the scheme have already signed up and have ceased byt.No game here. Therefore, you can only operate as a swindler and gambler, absolutely, in fact, due to the fact that all of us here steal, we are all criminals as such. A bawdy play cards, clearly realizing that every cheating. But it is not caught — not a thief And the theme is that the people should be put to play it again. And, of course, to put all the play, which runs through any power, any values themselves play with them — it dva.Zastavit losers, so that there is no winner, so that they become each other all need. That's when there is a possibility that there will be a sense of duty. What have you already "on the counter." And we are all living by the rules, and understand that hit. And, actually, the challenge — to run these games, although they are already running. In fact, they are now proiskhodyat.Drugoe matter that should not miss the one who asks. He always will be, it will be the real ruler and he is somewhere on the way. And it is not necessary that it external. He can wake up any. Different people have a different time. I do not rule out that it may be both Putin and Medvedev, anyone. People can open, complicated everything. We are all twisted, tricky … But with these long stories. We do not know where the true, where false in us. But that's the essence of the game. The game also lies in the fact that all the time related real and fictional. And the correct start of the game — that is the problem. I have somewhere in the poem "How beautiful player goes by the name of God." The real game is played only by God, and we are only a reflection — a pathetic and gordyachee. Now all, many of us start to try afford — play games.

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