Esotericism know when will the next end of the world?

There were a lot of predictions about the end of the world. That must have happened on September 22 and 21 December, but the predicted never came to pass, than has been a disappointment for many people who were preparing for the event.


Parade ground, we have not seen, but other people have had time to cash in on this prediction. When will the next end of the world? Let's try to find answers to this question in this article. If you are interested in spirituality and you have a lot of questions, the answers to which you want to find — read a book on the esoteric. More information about the esoteric, as well as books on it you can find on the site

There are a lot of opinions about this, we will consider the most practical and reasonable:

• From a biblical point of view, the end of the world shall come to pass, when the evil forces defeat the forces of good. Refers to the appearance of the Christ, that he will punish all their own way.

• In the Qur'an, say nothing about no, end of the world.

• Scientists have many hypotheses about the end of the world. Here are the most popular examples:

1. On the biggest star (the Sun), there will be flash, after which the Sun, the hot gases will fall to Earth and destroy all living creatures on our planet.

2. Any accident related to natural phenomena: hurricanes, floods. Climate change (where it was warm, will become very cold, and vice versa).

3. The human factor. Nowadays there are a lot of world problems associated with humanity, the most important is the environment and the problem associated with food. Ecology will be so polluted that people can not live on Earth. Food for all is not enough, as the population is 8 billion.

4. The capture of the planet Earth — aliens who have devoured the entire human race.

5. Large meteorite falls far exceeding the size of the planet, and in a moment destroy it.

We hope that the end of the world never will be, we the people, able to solve all the problems of humanity.

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