EU scientists want to allow cloning




In anticipation of the next UN summit in the scientific world once again ignite the debate on ethical and practical necessity of experimentation on human cloning. A few days ago, experts in several countries, including Britain, Canada, France and Spain, have proposed to discontinue the consideration of a bill prohibiting any work on the cloning of human embryos, replacing his bill introducing a partial restrictions in this area.

According to the authors of the proposal, a total ban on human cloning, including for research into embryonic stem cells (ie, the project will be discussed at the summit), significantly limit the ability of scientists to develop new treatments for a number of serious diseases. Generated by these studies ethical issues should not become an excuse to abandon the treatment of tens of thousands of patients — that is the point of view of scientists. "We do not support reproductive cloning, that is, the creation of new human beings — said in an interview with" AFP "Dr. Bernay Soria, a representative of the University of Elks (Spain.) — It is clear that this technology will bring significant practical benefits to people, but at the same time will create many ethical contradictions. However therapeutic cloning, that is, work with stem cells that could save thousands of lives — and we do not consider it necessary to give up the opportunity to help people. "

News.Battery.Ru — Accumulator News, 06.05.2004 17:38

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