Europe is threatened by widespread flooding

The United Nations calls on the countries of Eastern and Central Europe to prepare for possible flooding. This is said in a statement on the UN website."The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Disaster Risk Reduction Margareta Wahlstrom called upon all States in the region to prepare adequately for the upcoming disaster," — said in a statement.The threat of flooding is due to melting of ice and snow. According to the organization, the greatest risk of flooding prone areas along the Danube, where already the first signs of spring thaw, transfer Ukrainian News.UN admits that floods may be the most widespread in the last 10 years. Disaster can lead to loss of life and economic losses, especially in places where there are no dams and water supply systems.As reported, Ministry of Emergency Situations is difficult to expect the passage of floods in the Danube basin. Weather Center eliminates flooding of commercial facilities and settlements during the passage of the spring flood.Source:

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