Europe stepped from summer to winter

October 8. The bad weather experienced Europeans strength. In just one night the temperature in Austria and Croatia dropped from plus 30 to 0! Only yesterday, people went in shorts and even swimming. Today, the streets covered with snow. On the road — a lot of accidents.

From summer to winter in a few hours — not a fantasy, but a harsh reality. Such variability of weather experienced by the residents of Austria. Just yesterday there was about 30 degrees Celsius, and this morning — just above zero.

Sky sucked gray clouds, to replace the warm sun came cold, strong wind and snowfall. Snowstorms in October — a rarity even for mountain regions. Still green forests and pastures filled up with snow — for a night in the region fell monthly rainfall.

Perhaps the most affected motorists: the fact that the road will turn into snow banks, they were not ready. The summer tires, off-road vehicles literally crawl in kilometer traffic jam. On the road — many accidents. Road services even had to cut off some passes. Storm the steep mountain road vehicles without winter equipment was not under force.

Not easily account for the residents and another European country — Croatia. Bad weather is literally divided the city into different seasons. Some pouring rains and raging hurricanes, and other children are playing in the snow. In the sky over Pula and Rijeka lightning — one of them hit the house.

"I saw smoke on the roof and ran to the neighbors. It was found in their house was hit by lightning. I helped them out and called an ambulance, "- says a local resident Valentine One.

But Gorski Kotar filled up with snow. Roads formed ice crust. The police barely have time to make out an accident.

"Obviously, the drivers did not know that today will be cloudy. They went to the piled snow slopes without winter equipment. The situation on the road is very dangerous, "- says Marian Tuhobich lifeguard.

"On the road very slippery. Snow swept roads, and under a layer of ice. Brake hard, and a lot of accidents ", — complains motorist Slavko Terihazh.

From changing weather affects not only in Europe. Temperature in the central part of Russia also did not differ consistently. Today in Moscow, the air warms up to 20 degrees — at least, so forecasters promise.

But an Indian summer in the city will not stay: tomorrow back to Moscow rains and gusty winds. The truth will be still quite warm — plus 10-12.

Source: News

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