European intestinal infection may be more contagious than thought

As reported, the number of victims of E. coli E.coli in Europe has reached 43 people. One death was registered in Sweden, all the rest — in Germany. 850 people were in serious condition. Meanwhile, German physicians shared a disappointing conclusion that the infection can be transmitted from person to person.

"Only in Germany there were more than three thousand of those infected — with so many infected infection inevitably spread from person to person — says the Ministry of Health of Lower Saxony. — This is a possible explanation for the fact that after the removal of the source of infection wave of new cases sharply awake ".

It pointed to the fact that the population is likely there are a number of people newly infected, but so far nothing about the suspect. It is therefore particularly important to observe the rules of daily hygiene.

In the near future illness should gradually recede, experts say, however, some time will be celebrated on a small number of new infections.

Today in Germany recorded 3,688 cases. According to the official version, the source of infection is the germ of legumes, like ITAR-TASS.

Meanwhile, a new case of infection of a dangerous type of bacteria E.coli confirmed in France, six people were hospitalized with similar syndromes. Last week, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais in northern France, an outbreak of disease among children. As established in the analysis of experts, then the cause of infection was eating hamburger, meat, which was bought in neighboring Germany. However, according to researchers, this type of bacteria E.coli is not of the strain, which killed dozens of people in Germany. While French epidemiologists deny link to a new outbreak of the disease infecting children.

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