Exceptionally warm temperature established in the U.S., Canada, and the UK

September 28. LONDON: Meteorological Bureau. Forecasters said the hot weather will last until Sunday, because the weather system, which usually dominates the Greek and Turkish beaches moved a thousand miles to the north-west due to high pressure. Temperature peak from Wednesday to Sunday, 78.8F (26C) and 82.4F (28C) daily temperature in the south to 78.8F (26C) in the north and 75.2F (24C) in Scotland. "Indian Summer" in the UK will be hotter than the Hawaiian island of Kauai, where the temperature is expected to reach only 80.6F (27C) this week, and warmer than in Athens and Rome, where yesterday it was 80F (27). DENVER: Forecast high temperature for today is 88 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature during the 30 years the average for this date is 74 degrees, according to weather data. The temperature should cool quickly Monday night. — Denver Post
Stepped over the temperature of 100 degrees, reaching 101. This marks a new record high. — KTVB

— Residents feel a bit confused because of the steady heat, Environment Canada confirms record temperatures. This record is 32.3 degrees Celsius, which is a record for that time, said meteorologist Doug Lundquist. Source: BC Local News

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