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January 16, 2013 3:30

The latest issue of the 2012 (December 28) "Work" published an article "What happened at exactly 4.10? '. Old story about the meeting of two of our passenger aircraft with an unidentified flying object remains a mystery.

Statistics abnormal accidents by civil aviation staggering, says the expert. Photo:

But experts are still alive, which were directly related to the investigation of such incidents. Meet Valery Postnikov, one of the most authoritative experts in the field of accident investigation.

— Valery, you are in the Soviet time undertook a study of UFOs. Why?

— In the early 80s I was assigned to a single State Research Institute of Aviation Research Institute near Moscow, where he was secretive department on anomalous phenomena. My task was to prepare certificates for each of these events related to civil aviation. Information obtained here were simply staggering, but, of course, to share with non-authorized strictly forbidden. Research work in this left no time for a personal life. Two years later, his wife an ultimatum: either I go to another job, or leaving the family. And I went back to investigate accidents in Gosavianadzor USSR.

Even before I found the pilot of Georgian aircraft whose crew suffered after described in the "Proceedings" meetings with UFOs. After the incident, the crew immediately sent to study at the Institute of Hematology. So, in conclusion, it was said that science is not known, as there may be a person with a blood formula: meaning the ESR, red blood cells, red and white blood cells, etc.

"I was written off, even though I feel fine — complained pilot. — Help to get admission in flying or even disability. " I spoke to the deputy minister, chief of the Inspectorate of the USSR Ministry of Civil Aviation, but both hands only lit … The last meeting was held with the pilot in the kitchen. We drank a glass with him, and I honestly admitted that sorry, but I can not help, because it gave the sign a confidentiality agreement.

— Nevertheless, the "Labor" then turned to lift the veil of secrecy.

— It was an accident, tough oversight system. Up to this day I can not understand how this happened.

— It is not clear why hide what has can not be hidden?

— Apparently, there is agreement on this issue at the level of leaders. It is known that, for example, at the time, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill banned the Royal Air Force pilots tell of encounters with unidentified flying objects, in order not to cause panic in the community.

— Can you name the parts of the country, where most are anomalies?

— We is west of the European part, Murmansk, mountainous regions of the Caucasus, Pamir, Altai. And East Siberia, Lake Baikal area. And a lot of evidence. Including the most improbable. As I told one of the pilots, "it teases." That is the object on the fly to change the form, as in the movie: that grow wings or mustache, suddenly assumes the form of an airplane. Remember, we have to make a complaint, Norway and Sweden: Soviet submarines come in their territorial waters. In response to our Navy Commander proposed Scandinavians drown unidentified underwater objects — we say, just say thank you.

Known for amazing event during a military exercise "Dnepr" in Ukraine. It gathered a tank armada, but the command "Forward!" Single tank did not move — just would not start.

— Can you at least tell about the number of times along the way UFOs our planes?

— Hundreds of times. I can vouch for that.

Anatoly Jurin, columnist of "labor"

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