Extraterrestrial civilizations in the southern Urals. Video


27.01.12.Derevnya Ashirov may well claim to be the anomalous center of Chelyabinsk Oblast. Four nights in a row, local residents see over the forest strange bright light. According to people, objects that emit the light, much like a flying saucer.

Local hunters have turned into ghost hunters. For the fourth day Michael Mykalnikov goes on voluntary night shifts. With a gun does not take, just watching. He focuses here nearby forest. When darkness descends on the village, above the trees, according to Michael, rise strange flying objects. "Today, at 9 am got up, so all the light, — says Mikhail Mykalnikov witness. — Light of all. Iron and a light bulb around. Or hang or stand on the ground once, so incomprehensible. "

When Michael told about these paranormal phenomena, called him crazy. But later it turned out that in the neighboring hunting grounds have seen the same thing. Last fall far from this place, met with Sergey Krotov alien almost face to face. Sergey Krotov eyewitness recalls: "At first I thought the machine, turn around, look — they are! Meters, probably about fifty. "

Four bright lights and colored lights. Sabiryan Yakupov saw it first inhabitants Ashirova. However, says the aliens left, there are other "special effects". Eyewitness Sabiryan Yakupov said: "I ran back look — and there's such a high post and goes out quickly. I let all wake. And most importantly — they fly, so quiet and sit down over there. The last time — the lake Katlan. "

For the inhabitants of the mysterious flying objects Ashirova now something of a local attraction. When it gets dark, they had already agreed to go there again, on the outskirts of the village to see. And, perhaps, become better acquainted.

None of the local aliens have not picked up on the experiment, and so far they do not go to the contact. But villagers already have something to remember. Why or why did lit forest? And the light of this mystical or simply electric, may want to find out ufologists.

Xenia Komissarov, Stanislav Vishnitsky

Source: STRC "South Ural"

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