Falsification of Apollo 17. The Americans were on the Moon

This article includes a collection video, which, according to the authors, suggest that American astronauts have never been to the moon, and all that is connected with Apollo-17 was only fraud.

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In this video, the curious case of technical incident during the exit Apollo astronaut. Both astronauts lifted landing rack LM. NASA claims that this is considered leg is not really touched the lunar surface. This would mean that Dave and Jim actually risked overturn LM if further raised leg.

Question: Was the leg LM damaged during landing? Do we see evidence of the use of props? Or is there another explanation for this?

Magicians around the world are jealous of black envy of sleight of hand and NASA Apollo 17. With the disappearance of their tricks are left in a daze and wonder millions of people around the world and cause them to break over it.

Watch It Apollo. Were the Americans on the moon?

Believe it or not that is told in these films each case personally.


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