Family semi-automatic small-caliber pistols RUGER 22/45

Family semi-automatic small-caliber pistols RUGER 22/45
Series Pistols RUGER 22/45 specially created for practicing under pistols .45 M1911A1 type of company «Colt», sporting events and hunting small game. Maybe the introduction of special units, government services, armed operatives. Price range pistols series «Ruger 22/45″ from 349 to 469 bucks.

At the end of the last century there was a further modification of small-caliber pistol of .22 caliber Ruger. Model receives title Ruger 22/45. Its handle is the same as that of a pistol Colt M1911A1, and it is placed under a 17-degree angle, all gun control is on the left side of the gun. Housing made of guns modern synthetic materials. For use when firing pistols silencer fit as well as possible, because there is perfect place to install it. Capacity for the entire series «Ruger 22/45″ — 10 ammunition.
Stick frame Ruger 22/45 manufactured by injection molding, the material handles — glass-filled nylon «Zytel». Nylon is not subject to such influences of the environment, does not break, does not crumble and is not subject to delamination. Designers assure that the introduction of nylon such a positive impact on lowering the sound pressure. Magazine catch moved manage all the details of shooting on the left side, on the standard «Ruger» she posted under the scope of the handle. Such a design is more reminiscent pistols «M1911A1.» The safety lever is on the gun exactly as on the Colts, this arrangement and past «Ruger» series «Mark II». To open fire with a pistol requires just move the lever down. When the safety valve closes, the safety mechanism also override lever and the shutter is pressed and when it is on the hook is locked turn forward and release the striker will not be performed. Release Button — shutter lag is approximately the placement on the weapon, as well as stopping the shutter lever gun M1911A1. Last shot triggers delay button, made at the store, forcing the lever to rotate thin, made in the frame handle, up and detain the last gate in the rear position. Trunk box for «Ruger 22/45″ is made of stainless steel seamless pipes krupnostennyh Series 400 stainless steel, which are processed by high-precision machine tools. Trunks have received .22 caliber and right 6-accurate clipping step 16 inches. Hromonikelivaya oxidized steel used for the creation of the shutter. At the rear end of the bolt put nameplate. Reflector made of stainless steel stamped perfectly fixed to the trunk box. Sprung reflector consists of 2 parts. Sprung nipple during the limited cross rod run perpendicularly gate. On the spring guide rod is revertible type, it is located above the gate.

Kruchok descent in the entire series pistols «Ruger 22/45″ dural production grooved. Calculated effort to trigger 3.5 pounds, which provided Myagenkaya transition and easy descent. Some guns come with silencers company «Arms Tech Inc». Its length is 7.5 inches and the overall length of the gun becomes equal to 13 inches, weight of the gun a little more than 2 pounds. Silencer made of steel, series 304. Made from aluminum alloys baffles. At the muffler has installed fly, adjustable rear sight with a square slot.
Closer shutter mounted on guns coming into service special forces, is very common and effective, small contactor turn (10 degrees) and the gate is locked, the sound level drops implementation gun and cartridge cases not leave tools that you may need for unusual transactions. The kit comes with a silenced pistol corporate cover «Safepacker», specials for the gun in unusual criteria. Cover material — nylon Cordura. In a case there is a pocket into which is placed a knife «Spyderso Slipit Endura» produce the same «Arms Tech Inc». Such set bears the title «set operative.» In the same pocket can carry a spare magazine, and at the frequent use enough gun can rapidly get out of the case for the introduction of on purpose.

The latest development of the company «Ruger» small-caliber pistols in the series series «Ruger 22/45» — Ruger 22/45 Lite. This is the lite version of the gun «Threaded Barrel». The main difference — receiver box is made of aluminum alloy. The upper part of the trunk box has no straps «Picatinny», but it is possible to install it. There are adjustable device for aiming. Ruger 22/45 Lite — is a hundred percent plainclothes version of small-caliber pistol from the company «Ruger». Main purpose — sports, training and veselitelnaya shooting, hunting small animals and birds.

Properties Ruger 22/45 Lite:
— caliber — 5.6h15 mm;
— Length — 21.6 centimeters;
— trunk — 11.2 centimeters;
— height — 14 cm;
— width — 2.5 cm;
— weight about 645 grams.

Created by Roman Dzhereleyko

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