Fascinating journey through the astral plane

Many have heard of the existence of astral travel, that the soul goes to the astral plane. But few understand how it happens. The word "astral" means "star". This term is an infinite information-energy component of the universe or another dimension. Ancient alchemists used the term and talked about astral projection on physical matter.

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Travelling in astral man committed both consciously and unconsciously (in a dream). Learning how to astral travel is difficult and time consuming. There are many methods of training the conscious exit to the astral plane, such as the vortex method or rope. Just frequent meditation and self-hypnosis techniques greatly facilitate learning and bring closer the time of travel.

During sleep, the unconscious transition can occur in the astral plane. In the astral plane is only the astral body and watching yourself from the outside. Usually a person is frightened, not knowing what had happened to him. Stressful situations are often very facilitate the transition. The transition itself can be described as asleep a person realizes that he is asleep and it is easy to move the "I" in the astral plane.

Strongly tired man just fall asleep and not be able to maintain its state of half-sleep, you need to be just a little tired. In addition, it is important not to feel discomfort to the physical body, we have to satisfy all the needs and adopt a comfortable position. Rules are not complicated, but their failure may prevent you begin the journey.

Travel astral body knows no boundaries nor time, nor to move in space. You can visit any place at any distance from the house. Abilities possessed by the astral body are unique and are not peculiar to our physical body. It has the ability to pass through objects and even moving very heavy objects.
It is a pity that 90% of the memory of these trips is erased and rarely someone remembers its outputs to the astral plane.

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