Felix Baumgartner — Hopped man from outer space!

Felix Baumgartner — Hopped the first man from outer space to Earth (almost out of space as actually jumped out of the stratosphere.) The record jump took place 14.10.2012. The height of over 39,000 feet. Ahead of the first man sound in freefall 1173km h — he broke the sound barrier!

Felix Baumgartner — Hopped man from outer space!

The famous Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner made a record jump from a height of more than 39-minute miles.

During the 43-year-old jump Baumgartner broke two world records at once — the height at which the jump was made, and the speed of free fall, which eventually amounted to 1,173 km / h, making the Austrian managed to break the sound barrier.

The immediate preparation for this jump, along with the rise of a predetermined height took over 2.5 hours, and in freefall, Felix spent a little less than 4.5 minutes, after which his parachute opened and he landed safely.

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