Field mobile dental complex (Photo)

Field mobile dental complex PPSK-01 is designed to provide dental medical, surgical, orthopedic care both independently and as part of a functionally related group of health systems in the field.
The complex may be used for:
routine inspection of the mouth,
diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mouth and oral cavity,
dental practitioner care
dental surgical care,
training in oral prosthetics,
prosthetics, including clinical and laboratory steps in making the teeth and dentures (including sintered metal)
Panoramic dental x-ray and maxillo-facial joints,
medical first aid to the wounded.


Field dental office is located in the back of a van-K4310 mounted on chassis KAMAZ-43114 and includes:
equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases;
imaging equipment;
processing equipment, sterilization and storage of medical instruments and consumables;
medical furniture and equipment;
equipment for life support;
power generating equipment

Field study with orthopedic dental laboratory is located in the back of a van-KP10M2 mounted on a trailer chassis 2-PN-10M2 includes:
equipment for the dentist, podiatrist;
dental laboratory, including:
equipment for the dental technician;
medical furniture and equipment;
equipment for life support.

The number of staff defined the tasks assigned to the complex, based on the number of jobs:
workplace dentist-physician (surgeon);
workplace dentist, podiatrist;
workplace dental technician;
workplace nurse — rentgenlaboranta;
driver-electrician performing, too, nurse duties

Bandwidth, pers. / Hour:
— the therapeutic reception — 2-4
— For X-ray study — 8-10
— at orthopedic reception — 1-2

Complex for 7 years, before the Ministry of Defence procurement accounted for 2-3 sets per year (for mobile groups of hospitals), in recent years, none at all. The representative of the company said that "Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition 2013" PPSK brought specially for the show Shoigu. And such news:

"This field mobile dental complex, which has no equal in the world, does not buy just because of the fact that the former Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov did not allocate funds for its purchase. Nowadays the situation has changed dramatically, and we plan to order in Voronezh these complexes" , — said the representative of the Military Scientific Committee of the Armed Forces, Colonel Boris Vertiy. He added that the average cost of a rolling complex is about 20-22 million.

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