Find out the cause of strange tremors, disturbing residents Peter

The last few days, residents complain of Petersburg "strange bumps" eerie rumbling and vibrating walls. The same story is happening in the city in February, and then in April this year. Then the townspeople suspect it's all about military ordnance disposal. Now, the reason for going on called St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko.

"Again blow"

The first reports of "strange shocks", "cotton" and explosions began to massively come from residents of St. Petersburg in the wording of various media on the evening of Thursday. People wrote that in their apartments go door shaking, vibrating glass and eerie rumbling sounds. Being called completely different areas of the city, and quite distant from each other: for example, Petrodvorets, located in the extreme south-west of the northern capital, Frunze and Nevsky districts, located respectively in the south and east, and the Maritime and Vyborg district — on severe.Obsuzhdalas this topic and on the Internet, on social networks. In particular, in our popular website Petersburg parents visitors actively shared their observations and fears: "Walked in Sosnovka, saying over the phone with someone from Kupchino, first thunder was heard from me, and after 40 seconds — a minute and rattled in the south, that is, the wave goes from the north. "

"Gatchina district, close to the Red Village, with 17 hours of very often — like thunder or tremors. Shaking windows and resonance on the floor … SCARY! "- Wrote another witness.

"Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad region (from Peter more than 80 km). Not that even explosions — a series of "sickly" bursts like a battleship "Bismarck". Audibility — direction towards Peter "- shared another witness.

Heard similar sounds today. At the same forum on Friday, was left the following message: "Today Babakhan quieter, but his ears laid strange …"

Who is to blame?

What's surprising about the same story took place in the city in February, and then — in April this year.

"For a few days in St. Petersburg, the phenomenon, the nature of which is still no one has explained: in some areas in the flats in the evening occasionally shaking glass vibrating furniture, streets include car alarms. Seismologists believe that it is disposed of military munitions, they deny it, and the MOE "no information" — the newspaper VIEW months nazad.Press secretary Commander of the Western Military District Colonel Andrei Bobrun said then about the innocence of war: "We really are working for the destruction of ammunition. But all the events take place in the daytime. This is the first. And second, on the weekend, that is Saturday and Sunday, we do not destroy, and on Saturday only produce clean facility ", — he noted.

In this case, Section Head of Seismology Main (Pulkovo) Astronomical Observatory of Bel Assinovskaya telling us that this is exactly were explosions carried out by the military. Originally, scientists thought that the so-called frost shake — that is, looking for the cause tremors in nature — but, "if we just said it bursts, even discuss it?" — She wondered. The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the city referred to the fact that the agency directly by seismologists do not, so nothing is certain they can not communicate.

In April, residents of several areas again complained about the sound of explosions in the evening. Vice Governor Mikhail Oseevsky reported that destruction is scheduled rounds. However, the press service of the Western Military District reiterates that it is not them.

And now the situation — as a blueprint. Prior to the press service of the Western Military District newspaper VIEW Friday call failed, but colleagues RIA "Novosti" press service chief Andrei Bobrun WEST reiterated that the military not involved in this.

"Nearest point of the destruction of ammunition is 30 kilometers from St. Petersburg. We have been working there for a year. The current situation is nothing to do with the destruction of ammunition has, "- he said, and explained that the power destroyed charges simply can not cause tremors in the northern capital.

And this despite the fact that on the evening of Thursday, even St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko confirmed on Twitter that version, to which no doubt favored by most:

"War destroyed the old munitions in Len. region ", — said the mayor of one of the" tvitteryan "when asked about the reasons for the strange sounds.

, Told the newspaper VIEW volcanologist Vladimir Kiryanov which is now just in the country north of the city, where, apparently, and go for explosions, he also heard them:

"I also think the military. I have a cottage in the area of human settlements and the Peri Oselki. Three or four could be heard rumbling in the range from 12 to 14 hours. In the evening, heard nothing. I can not say that the earth trembled, but the feeling was as if there was a loud explosion nearby. I do not think he can have a natural cause. After all, if there was an earthquake, there would be no noise. And if, say, it was a meteor, storm, the weather would be different. But I look at the sky and I see no reasons for it, "- said Kiryanov.

Military prosecutors already set about checking. , Told the newspaper on Friday, LOOKING WEST Assistant Attorney Andrew Gavrilyuk, "due to the numerous publications in the media," military prosecutor's office of the St. Petersburg garrison began checking. However, according to him, the prosecutor's office had been received so far no official statement from the citizens about the incident. But this does not change the facts.

"Officially, the check is called like this:" On the order of explosive ordnance disposal works in specially equipped areas, "- said the officer. — By law, such a test may be conducted during the month, but if we set something up to this time limit, will report on the results of the past. "

Andrew Gavrilyuk agreed that in February there was a similar situation, residents also heard the sounds of explosions and thought the military.

"However, the audit, which took place then, not to establish the fact that the disposal of ammunition were any violations or have exceeded the volume," — said our source, but the reservation that the commission did not investigate the cause of claps as such, but was looking for possible violations of the disposal ammunition. Thus, the answer to the question, who is still scared of St. Petersburg, and remained open.

Open secret

And when local journalists have been knocked down for the source of the explosions, the light shed on this story municipal official of the Leningrad region. , Told the newspaper VIEW head of the Administration of "Agalatovskoe Rural Settlement" Vladimir Sidorenko, cause alarms are still military action. However, ignorance of Representatives WEST can understand …

"Yes, I can confirm that the reason for reports of explosions is the destruction of munitions at the site in Yelizavetinka. Destruction of ammunition there is for the past two years on the presidential program "- admitted the official.

According Sidorenko, comment the press service of the Western Military District, whose members are known to disown military involvement, due to the fact that the landfill is not subject to Yelizavetinka WEST, but directly to the Ministry of Defence. That is, some military simply could not know about the actions of others. "Like I said, recycling is already two years. In recent days, the military seems to have laid charges higher power, whether it be destroyed bombs, or mines "- suggested Sidorenko.

MOD Head also explained why echo beats feel people from different districts of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. According to him, the blast wave is a parabola: "Sometimes have to hit us (Agalatovo located near Yelizavetinka — approx. Opinion), and the city can not hear anything. And it happens that we have a fairly quiet, but in St. Petersburg pushes people feel, "- he said.

Speaking of his relationship to these explosions, head of the municipality made it clear that the military do their work, and such a program for ammunition disposal is not only in the Leningrad region, but all over the country: "In our village it is understood and, despite inconvenience, in principle, are loyal. It is clear that, if you do not, and then explode the arsenal, in Vladivostok, will be even worse. "

In this case, the official said that the explosions did soon cease: "According to the program must destroy the ammunition to 15 November this year," — he concluded.

Ivan Chernov

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