Fingerprint is detected tendency to diabetes)))


06.12.05.Sklonnost person to the development of diabetes can be predicted by fingerprints. Experts from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta examined fingerprints and responses to glucose from 569 people from the Netherlands.

It turned out that perfectly healthy people on the thumb by an average of 6.5 more grooves than the little finger. But sufferers diabetes the difference is noticeable — on average 8.5 grooves. The pattern on the fingers formed in the fetus at 19 weeks of pregnancy, and the first pattern occurs on the big toe, and the last on the little finger. Around the same time formed most of the vital organs, including the pancreas. The violations occurred during this period, reflected in the papillary pattern. The researchers also found a small seasonal differences in the parameters of the design.

Let me remind you that the people of Togliatti on fingerprints reveal their talent, but if he is, and so it is clear)))
Talent fingerprint

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