Fire-breathing cow

December 9, 2011 18:13

The vet was in shockis
The village Syungyu Mushskoy region of Turkey, in the east of the country, one of the cows fell ill, constantly lying, began to choke, her stomach vspuh.

As the Vesti.Az quoting Turkish media, caused by a veterinarian down through the mouth into the stomach of a cow up, and from there began to leave the accumulated methane.

The vet put it to the lighter end of the tube and the gas caught fire. Gas being burned for as long as 3 minutes! The doctor then pushed through the tube a special tool and removed from the stomach of a cow scraps of wire and other metal objects.

After that, the animal is better, and a cow standing on legs joined the herd. According to the veterinarian, the cause of this unusual case was the bad food and inadequate care of the cow.

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