Fire in Texas destroyed 300 houses, two people were killed

At least 300 homes destroyed in the U.S. state of Texas as a result of wildfires, two people, one of them — a child, were killed, according to the Western media on Monday. According to broadcaster CNN, due to fire in the east of the state of the trailer killed a woman and her son eighteen months.

"This is a major natural disaster", — Agence France-Presse quoted the head of the service for combating forest fires in Texas Mark Stanford (Mark Stanford).

According to a representative of one of the affected towns of Texas Pflyugervillya, there is no reason to suspect the arson people and blame them malice. In June, Texas was already engulfed in forest fires. Then hit area of six thousand acres, destroyed 40 homes, according to RIA Novosti.

Source: Voice of Russia.

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