Fire, the dread




On that day, Lyudmila Parshina a 5-year-old son Oleg returned home from a summer residence. Go to the house on the outskirts of Perm had twenty minutes, when the storm began. Lyudmila turned away from the power line tower, but could not get far. Everything happened in a flash: flash, sharp pain — and then she noticed that the next ball is hanging in the air.

SMALL, 10-15 cm in diameter, it glowed yellow-orange light, as if watching people. As if hypnotized by Lyudmila looked at the ball, unable to look away. As she would say later, it felt "like you are in the other world." Took himself in hand, the woman grabbed her son and ran home with a slight limp. Only the next day she found strange footprints: a son burned hand, and she herself — foot. Lightning struck the shoe, completely vaporizing with the bow-decoration, and went into the land between two toes.

Lightning scout
STATISTICS of the world's population saw a fireball only 0.1%, that is one in a thousand Earthling. Thus, for each of us the probability of encountering the phenomenon of nature in the course of life is also one chance in a thousand. Meanwhile, there are people who are chronically "lucky" to fire her guest. The record for the law (he made the Guinness Book) can be considered the American Roy Sullivan. Thunderball was finding it 7 times! In 1942, she burned his toe in 1969 — his eyebrows burnt out, followed by an attack on his shoulder, hair, ankles, chest and abdomen. Apparently, unable to withstand such an attack, Roy Sullivan committed suicide.

"One of the mysteries of the phenomenon lies in the fact that ball lightning sometimes behaves like a rational being. Her behavior defies explanation — said the coordinator of the social and scientific association "Kosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov. — It is not clear why one person is killed, and the other passes through the body is completely painless. Someone lightning strikes as if in jest for fun and many times, someone finishes with the second, and some of the victims does not leave even after death strikes the grave, cuts in half the tombstones and burn crosses. "

People who are pursuing a fireball regularly claim that they feel the psychological impact of the mysterious fireballs. It was as if someone or something is trying to push them. For example, a pensioner from Moscow Olga Fryazevo Ponizova with ball lightning has faced three times. And I suspect that this was not the end. A 4 August 1984 fire guest showed up in a military missile unit. Approaching the settings that are deployed on a combat stance, and avoiding regular lightning, the ball exploded with a deafening bang. A commission was established to investigate the incident. It found that some of the missile complex "Pioneer" for the time out of service. And this, incidentally, is not the only case where the fireball was visiting military units. Not surprisingly, researchers, ufologists even nominated date for the time hypothesis: that the fireballs — not a natural phenomenon, and reconnaissance probes potential enemy.

The culprit disasters
To ball lightning are trying to write off many accidents and even major disaster. For example, Chernobyl. There was a theory that the fourth block of the reactor accident triggered fireballs that emerged in the bowels of the earth as a result of increasing seismic activity. Very often glowing balls watch divers in submerged submarines. "Lightning wander inside, getting into different compartments. There are photos taken by sailors — says research engineer Boris Ignatov. — Trials have been conducted which showed errors or design flaws in power circuits submarines can lead to what is on the relay contacts occur fiery balls that are in effect and fireballs. But if on-board diesel submarines, they have a relatively small power consumption, the power circuits of nuclear submarines capable to generate lightning in a 100 million joules. And its a blast on the power comparable to one tenth of the power of the explosion of so-called Tunguska meteorite. And more. In fact, the fireball, if you learn how to control it — a very compact and lightweight, with nothing comparable in power, environmentally friendly ammunition. Military scientists have work to do. "

By the way, the Tunguska phenomenon may also directly connected with bolts of lightning. In any case, such a hypothesis explains some of the mysteries of the Stony Tunguska — the lack of a crater at the colossal power of the explosion, the trajectory of the strange, the unusual duration, light the night sky in the ten days before the disaster and the "white nights" after it. Boris Ignatov spent a precise mathematical calculations and came to the conclusion that what happened June 30, 1908 in the Siberian taiga, very similar to the explosion of a swarm of up to 10,000 pieces of ball lightning.

"In the Earth's radiation belts and the ionosphere it slowly builds up an electric charge, which is the planet" catches "from sunlight, — the" AIF "researcher. — A few days before the Tunguska phenomenon of this "capacitor" is discharged in the form of so-called sverhmolnii. Formed a swarm of fireballs, which began to travel in the stratosphere, slowly sinking to the geomagnetic anomalies — paleovolcanoes near the Stony Tunguska. "

In one of the next issues we will finish the presentation of this version, and describe the properties of ball lightning, the most interesting hypotheses about the phenomenon and how scientists are trying to recreate it in the lab.

Collage Dmitry Kazakov

AIF 16.2004

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