Fireballs Zhiguli Mountains

August 8, 2012 17:51

We have already written about the mysterious phenomena that are observed from time immemorial people in the Middle Volga. One of the most intriguing points on the map of Russia is considered Samara Bend. Researchers from the NGO "Avesta", whose headquarters is located in Samara, for many years collecting information about anomalous phenomena in this place.

"Man-owl" on the river Usoy

At Samara Bend and Zhiguli mountains are villages, whose history for several hundred years. This, for example, sat Shelehmet, Shiryaevo Podgora, Shafts. Ascula, Tor-new and many others. Information on their very first inhabitants are lost in the mists of time. The famous traveler Peter Pallas. visited these parts in 1768, had already called this ancient village. For hundreds of years of dealing with wild nature Zhigulevskaya the local farmers are often faced with something mysterious. and it then remained in the memory of the people in the form of legends and bylichek.

For example, local legend has it that not only the present, but in the old days, people are not seen on the Samara Luka flying fireballs and other unidentified objects, the nature of which remains unclear to scientists. In this regard, attention anomalschikov attracts tract Gremyacha — mountains in Syzran area, which is located near the village of the same name.

Here, on the edge of the mountain Zhigulevsky shaft, is the source of the river mustache. which completes the Samara Luka to almost complete water ring. The local mountain height second only to the highest heights of Lada, and their slopes between bizarre rock outcrops, even in ancient times, formed many caves, sinkholes and failures, of which hit the springs. Here's something to these places, and involves a lot of legends and myths.

According to local legend, in these caves for many thousands of years living pygmy people that the local Chuvash call uybede-tyuale. These words can be translated as "man-owl." They say that even in our time, these strange creatures occasionally people in the local mountains. Imagine a dwarf growth of the average person on a belt, but with huge eyes and a face covered with hair not, not feathers. It is clear that some of the numbers to meet a "horror" could name his owl.

"Chud underground"

Another no less mysterious phenomenon Zhiguli Mountains looks. According to local residents, the natural boundary of Gremyacha sometimes see strange balls of fire about two-meter diameter and a "tail." They say that the villagers have lived here for two or three decades, at least once in their life always seen this mysterious phenomenon. The Chuvash it call patavka-bus, which means "a ball of fire."

As told folklore collectors one of the witnesses of this phenomenon, patavka-bus usually flies slowly and low above the ground. But the most incredible part of this legend has it that these fireballs can … turn into a man! Villagers allegedly known cases where such balls have turned into men, came to the village, where … cohabited with local women! The children born of this strange union, either died or became legendary underground human figures uybede-tyuale.

Another group of myths and legends of the underworld for Zhiguli Mountains, which for scientists and to this day remains of this terra incognita. In particular, very interesting tales about some ghostly creatures, suddenly appearing out of the ground and just as suddenly disappear. Talk about them, these white dwarfs "so transparent that they are visible through the trees."

The legend of the immortal Ivan Mountain (whose image is intertwined with the image of Stepan Razin), written in the mid XIX century by the famous collector of folklore Dmitry Sadovnikov, these creatures are called "chudyu underground." Local residents describe them as follows: "Men of small stature, with a bony body, with skin covered with scales, with huge eyes look morbid and mysterious property of consciousness to move from body to body." The last words seem to indicate the presence of underground inhabitants telepathic abilities.

Fata Morgana and vanishing lake

And almost all the local legends says shadowy palaces and towers, the stories of which cut across many folk tales. The most famous of them — a mirage of the Peace, who mentions in his book Holstein traveler Adam Oleary, who visited the Volga region in the XVII century. Other titles from the same series — Fortress five moons, White Church, Fata Morgana and so on. According to witnesses, such phenomena are still occasionally observed at the Samara Bend.

About Peace mirage city usually tell tourists, vacationers and Molodetsky near Usinsk mounds. These stone giants are literally hanging over the river in the western part Zhigulevskaya ridge. The same anomaly is still observed among the vast lake mazes that stretch between the villages of Mordovia and Brusyany, in the south of the Samara Bend. According to witnesses, here at dawn before the astonished traveler may suddenly appear ghost town to a minute or two to disappear again. Those who have seen this mirage, they say that it resembles a fairytale castle with a white ramparts and turrets, which waved white flags.

However, according to the collected data, sometimes you can see the bend of the Volga and other similar phenomena, which are very similar to the peaceful town. Among them — a mirage, which is called the Temple of the Green Moon, in the form of an amazing shimmering tower. The mirage repeatedly observed near the village of ash and solar fields and mountains in Strelna.

Another worth mentioning Falls of tears, a mirage that popular rumor linking known spring stone bowl, and with a vanishing lake, which is located in the tract Elgushi. By the way, this body of water to this day remains one of the most fascinating mysteries of the Samara Bend, because it can disappear in just a one day to a few days at the same location appear again. Geologists believe that the explanation for this phenomenon — karst holes. hole over which periodically due to the displacement of underground layers that open and close again.

Folk legends say that a traveler who saw a mirage, can find him a secret door to the underground chamber Mistress Zhiguli Mountains. However, it is not recommended to enter there, because that runs the risk of the traveler to remain forever in the depths of the mountains as the eternal bridegroom underground mistress.

Hronomirazh in the sky

Specialists of "Avesta" refers to the above anomalies hronomirazhey group. They are expected to reflect the realities of the past, projected into the present. In the archives of the organization has a few descriptions of phenomena that researchers once saw with my own eyes. That record of observations from November 3, 1991, made by the president of "Avesta" Igor P.:

"About 21 hours and 15 minutes over the river in the Krasnaya Glinka local time in thunderstorm clouds suddenly a neat square hole. Ran around the perimeter of the red beam, which fanned out, and broke off. Immediately after this the heavenly "window" started to see — the shore of the bay, limited ridge of low hills covered with forest. From the hills to the water ran down the chain of sand dunes. In the distant world was a bright sunny day and the sky as he crawled lazily small white cloud.

Suddenly, over the "otherworldly hills", a host of black dots. They seemed to have moved from the bottom of the image to the observer. Immediately after that surrounding the "window" the clouds began to move, and started to go in a second closed the square hole in the sky. "

One way or another, but because of the unique diversity of the landscape. and thanks to the numerous anomalies Samara Bend has long been cataloged by UNESCO as a natural and historic monument of world importance. This area is waiting for new researchers.

Valery Erofeev
"Secrets of the twentieth century"

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