Fish kill on the river. Zavala in Voronezh region


16.02.12.V Upper Don Fisheries Department of the Azov-Black Sea territorial management Rosrybolovstva 24/01/2012, it was reported, the local residents of Tarnovo district of Voronezh region on fish kills in the river. Zavala.

On the same day, the State Department inspector together with the senior inspector for environmental administration Tarnovo municipal district of Voronezh region and deputy chief of the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor in Voronezh and Volgograd regions, a survey p. Zavala by drilling ice stretch of 4 km s. District Tarnovo District.

In a survey in more than 50 wells drilled was awarded the lost fish — roach and perch from 5 to 15 cm with an average of 5 specimens. in each well. 01/24/2012, the fish kill was recorded in other parts of the river within the administrative boundaries Gribanovsky area downstream. In a survey of local residents found that the fish kill started 20-21 January 2012 retention zone in the surveyed area of the river available. The site is characterized by the average flow velocity.

As of January 25, 2012 in the afternoon, local residents in drilled wells indicated the presence of a gelatinous substance ("jelly"), in an area. Rusanovo Tarnovo region (upstream of the village, close to the border with the Tambov region), which also reflects the discharge of pollutants by enterprises in the Tambov region. In the higher part of the Sava River from the site survey, industrial, agricultural and municipal enterprises in Voronezh region are not available. Near Businesses — sugar factory in Zherdevka Tambov region, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the administrative border of adjacent fields.

Due to the alleged source of pollution p. Zavala in the territory of the Tambov region, information about the fact of the death of the fish was sent to the jurisdiction of the head of the Moscow-Oka Territorial Administration Federal Fisheries Agency and its divisions — Tambov department fisheries Motu Rosrybolovstva to make available as of the date the Department of Fisheries conducted Upper Don ACHTU Rosrybolovstva materials administrative investigation.

Simultaneously Rosprirodnadzor Voronezh Region reported the death of fish in the river. Zavala was sent to Rosprirodnadzor of Tambov region for cooperation with prosecutors and the Department of Fisheries Tambov Motu Rosrybolovstva check Zherdevsky sugar factory.

Results of analyzes of water samples, selected branch TsLATI in Tambov region from unnamed creek, which in turn is a fault-water body Zherdevsky sugar factory in the district. Zavala, showed a characteristic smell of sugar companies, the water does not meet the standards of permissible discharge (VAT) on many suspended solids.
Currently, the prosecution of the Tambov region addressed the issue of attracting Zherdevsky sugar factory to administrative responsibility.

Head of A.V.Zolotyh

Source: Fishing Association

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