Fish kills in Moldova


Tiraspol, August 02 (New Region, Dean Leonidova) — In one of the dams in the river Yagorlyk Transnistrian village Doybany-1 Dubasari, fish kills occurred.

As the "New Region" in the organization "Doctors for the Environment", in late July, there was a dead fish in the waters of Dubossary reservoir and on the shore near the dam Dubossary HPP. Local residents told the organization that the bridge pond "swarming half-dead fish as if it was cooked in boiling water."

According to the deputy director of the reserve "Yagorlyk" in the scientific part of Tatiana Sharapanovskoy on the ecological system has negatively affected the pond sedimentation pond. "Because of the extreme heat and high temperature water in the pond was not only intensive growth of algae, but their decay. This process is broken biologically balanced ecological system pond, causing oxygen deprivation fish "- explained Sharapanovskaya.

She said that if the tissues of fish is not fed enough oxygen, then it is Zamora. "This year the problem for these reservoirs. Therefore, the algae must be fought primarily by mechanical means, "- said the deputy director of the reserve" Yagorlyk. "

She said that the process of siltation contribute not only dead algae, but also logs, fallen leaves and other organic substances that enter the body of water, in addition, almost all the slopes rather large village Doybany-1 directed to the bowl reservoir, therefore, such washings are inevitable .

"That is why is a high nutrient load. The villagers have to take a rake in his hands and at least partially clear the pond of rotting mass. After a long time the pond was not cleaned, so the villagers have to understand that the reservoir in dire need of their help, "- she said.

Village Doybany-1 is located on the slope of the left bank of the river Yagorlyk, 3 km from the mouth, where it flows into the river Dniester.

Source: "New Region — Transnistria"

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