Fish kills in Zelenogorsk


1.04.11.V Thursday through defense and emergency passed the message, frightened many zelenogortsev: in a career connected with the bridge, so called, Mirror Lake, there was a mass death of fish.

Note first of all, mass death of fish can only be called conditionally: localization occurred fairly narrow. Half asleep and asleep roach, perch, verhoplavki found only in a small creek career.

Experts of the Committee on the Environment took samples of the water, and quickly established that the oxygen content is 20% of normal. According to them, this is causing a painful condition of the fish, although the chemical analysis of water, they do not feel the need. Without refuting the conclusions of the Committee, the State Inspector of the Directorate for Protected Areas Krasnoyarsk Eugene Kalmykov they still doubted, as in this case, such would be seen throughout the career.
Eugene Kalmykov — district Inspector of the Directorate of Protected Areas of the Krasnoyarsk Krai: "Upper Pond is located just a hundred meters away from the place, but there is in fact no freeze no, it does not work: fishermen sit and go fishing. Near the church the same way: the wells drilled, but we came — no freeze no. It is here. "

About six years ago, says state inspector, like has happened, and then as the cause was called unauthorized dumping. Also next to the quarry is an industrial object, and how to know if he was was the cause of death of the inhabitants of the lake? Especially, some witnesses claim that emissions fish covered with white spots.

Eugene Kalmykov — district Inspector of the Directorate of Protected Areas of Krasnoyarsk region: "Fish, especially the skin, is the storage of various toxins, and no matter how it was cooked, eat it and feed his family — and five years of life, each man shall . This should reflect. After all, for some reason, the fish was sick! How can you have a sick fish? Meat bad we did not buy in the market, and do not eat, and then eat some reason … For me it somehow … ".

Chief Veterinarian Zelenogorsk Tatiana Zhuravleva went today with samples of dead fish in Krasnoyarsk, a bacteriological laboratory. Results of the examination, she said on the phone, will be the evening.

Meanwhile, citizens continue to collect "khalyavnyy" catch without fear of possible poisoning.
"- No, I'm afraid. First I did a cat kuryam collect.
— That is, there do not you?
— No.
— And here are your friends, you are now harvested fish — they like? Also for animals, do not know?
— Just as well.
— But still, do you think that happened with the fish?
— Yes Air lacks.
— Experts say that could poison — petrol station nearby.
— I even have no idea, honestly. I do not know why. But I think — because of the air. "

State inspector tried to convince would-be fishermen leave the fish alone, but was only hot and fruitless debate. Although arguments Eugene Kalmykov we seem convincing, even if we agree that the fish die because of lack of oxygen.

Eugene Kalmykov — district Inspector of the Directorate of Protected Areas of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, "You just have to understand that fish in poor condition … When a person is sick, we treat it the same, and do not kill — why take fish? Because she can recuperate, recover, and then leave. I think it's just unethical. And that's not make this small change to any makeweight "stern family-based."

The results of examination of dead fish, we announced.

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