Five-meter wave hit the Chumphon province in southern Thailand

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Five-meter wave hit the coast Sunday three districts in Chumphon province in southern Thailand, destroying several houses, bungalows and restaurants, reports Xinhua.

From the disaster hit several villages, the locals left the coastal zone. No casualties and victims have not been announced.

Water, in particular, the flooded village of Hua Lam (Hua Lame) around Langsuan (Langsuan), the inhabitants took refuge in the church.

According to Thai meteorologists, heavy rains and choppy sea will continue until December 28. Small fishing vessels ordered not to go to sea.

This year Thailand experienced a major flood in decades, the victims of which were in the country of more than 700 people. All from the disaster affected 65 provinces, more than 13 million people, or one in five residents of the country have been affected by the flooding. Damage from it is estimated by experts at 16-18 billion dollars.

Source: RIA "Novosti".

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