Flooding in northern Italy. Genoa under water. PHOTO

Severe thunderstorms, powerful showers, carrying flood disaster. Lives of the residents of northern Italy to them suddenly became similar to the situation in Thailand. The difference of course in air temperature and, of course, water. The port city of Genoa at the moment is like a ghost town.

Genoa is under the influence of powerful storms in northern Italy, which still did not stop. Severe thunderstorms with intense downpours hit Saturday in Piedmont and Liguria, there was widespread flooding and as a consequence — landslides. Attempts were made to evacuate people. A fair number of roads were closed to traffic. Worst of all, some of the rivers out of their banks, some areas of the city were flooded with water after heavy rains.

City School immediately closed, traffic movement was banned by the city to appease the elements. In Genoa, died on Friday provisionally estimated six people, including two children. Dozens of cars were strongly deformed and torn down in the river water flows. Vehicle owners just lucky that for restitution of benefits is possible in Italy quickly.

Source: Go2life.net

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