Flooding in Saudi Arabia


CAIRO, Jan. 14. Saudi authorities have declared a state of emergency today in the holy city of Mecca at the continuing heavy rains from Thursday. According to ITAR-TASS, in spite of the fact that the situation, according to authorities, has not yet reached a critical level, about 800 civil defense personnel are on high alert to deal with the elements. Special equipment is connected to the pumping of standing water. Helicopters are always ready to get up for air rescue.

Note that in November 2009, during the Hajj in Saudi Arabia collapsed element, such that the inhabitants of the arid Arabian Peninsula have not seen for decades. Then as a result of floods caused by rains in Mecca and Jeddah, killing about 120 people, hundreds of homes were flooded or destroyed.

We also add that of the strongest tropical rains hit and Brazil. As reported by "Rosbalt", several hundred people were killed in floods and landslides in southeast Brazil. Brazilian television GloboNews reported 237 dead.

AFP said that 139 deaths were recorded in the mountainous Serrana region. In particular, the 114-minute dead authorities said Teresopolis, north of Rio de Janeiro.

The mayor of Teresopolis, home to 180,000 people, said that about a thousand residents were left without their homes. In addition, destroyed dozens of bridges and roads.

Cause flooding and landslides have become a strong tropical rains


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