Flooding in South Africa: flights canceled, tourist camps evacuated

Flooding in South Africa. Photo: Getty Images

Flooding in South Africa. Camping safari in the Kruger Park is closed.
Flights canceled, tourist camps evacuated: Due to heavy rains part of Kruger National Park in South Africa is currently not available. In the coming days, the weather changes are not expected to write spiegel.de.

According to Berlin, after heavy rains closed part of Kruger National Park. Press Secretary of the Tourism Council of South Africa has confirmed this message. Were closed several roads and entrances to the park. In addition, some camps were evacuated and some lodges and camps were without electricity. Numerous flights that bring tourists had to be temporarily canceled due to the inability to use the runway.

In the coming days, according to the spokesman, the heavy rains continue and the improvement can be expected. Tourists who want to visit in the coming days, Kruger National Park, to obtain information on the current situation.Source: the-day-x.ru

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