Flooding in the Novgorod region


19.05.11.Iz-last flood in the Novgorod region flooded 113 houses in the village of proletarians.

14 completely flooded village streets. Podtopila water gardens. This is mainly individual houses. They live more than two hundred people, including children.

Locals are used to move the boat, or they get to the shelter on bridges that were built according to official regulations.

Always have to make new, because the water level in the lake Ilmen regularly increasing.

As reported in the Novgorod Weather Center, today strongly exceeded the levels of flooding on Lake Ilmen and river Volkhov. Weather forecasts were disappointing. May 13 and 14 rain is expected, which may contribute to the further rise vernal waters.

The largest flood occurred in the Novgorod region in 1999. Then, in the area of flooding was nearly 1.2 thousand houses. The extent of damage from the flood was 42 million rubles.


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