Flooding on the coast of Ecuador


22.03.11.Vosem ruined and dilapidated residential buildings and damage to the property of the inhabitants of the island and waterfront Jambeli, in the province of El Oro. Economic losses in the amount of USD 40 000, resulting in damage to the twelve built and repaired ships at the yard in the suburb of Manta, Province of Manabi.

Waves poured waterfront and in the Manta, having made havoc among drivers, while in Bahia was flooded area Peninsula. Flooding on the beaches of El Murcielago, Tarqui, Canoa and San Vicente, in the same province, and damaged embankment in Sua, Province of Esmeraldas — these are the results of ocean storm on Sunday evening. Publ. "An unusually severe storm on the northern coast of Ecuador."

In San Vicente, in the words of Jorge Risco, owner of a restaurant on the waterfront, the water level in the room to almost one meter. As a local resident told Carmelia Talledo, 66, watching the fierce pounding waves on the waterfront, is the strongest storm that she remembers in her life. A similar pattern was observed the last three days in the province of Santa Elena, especially in the area of the canton and the beaches of Salinas and San Pablo Libertador Bolivar.

In Las Pinas, Santa Rosa and San Lorenzo, the main fishing town, none of the fishermen did not come out on Sunday and Monday in the sea for fear of the storm. Wave height was an average of two meters.

According to the Institute of Oceanography (Inocar), repeated every two weeks natural phenomenon — a sea wave — this time coincided with the high tide and low tide, associated with the lunar cycle. The water level rose by an average of 1.5 meters these days, the official said institution, Captain Edwin Pinto. Moon is now closer to the Earth, which affects the activity of the tides (the distance between the Earth and its satellite are reduced by more than 40 000 km).

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