Following Japan jolted Mexico, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, Fiji and Hawaii


12.03.11.Po U.S. Geological Survey earthquake took place off the coast of Mexico, Fiji, Hawaii, as well as in Indonesia and the Dominican Republic.

Magnitude tremors was from 2.6 to 5.5. Weak tremors were off the coast of Hawaii — their magnitudes up to 2.6 and 3. 3 magnitude quake occurred at a depth of 9.3 km and is in 369 kilometers from Honolulu.

Aftershocks of magnitude 5 and 5.5 were recorded in Indonesia. Earthquake of magnitude 5.5 occurred at 13:04 local time in Indonesia, near the north coast of Papua New Guinea.

Off the coast of Mexico, a magnitude 4.4 jolt occurred at 3:17 am local time. He was at the 273 kilometers from the city of Puerto Vallarta (population — 350,000 people), as well as 837 kilometers from Mexico City.

In Fiji, a magnitude 5 earthquake at 20:38 local time. The epicenter is located at 2035 kilometers from the capital of New Zealand, Auckland.

In the Dominican Republic there was an earthquake of magnitude 2.9. He was at the 198 kilometers from the capital of Santo Domingo with a population of 2.2 million.

As previously reported, the eastern coast of Japan continues to shake, there have been 70 aftershocks of magnitude 4.7 to 6.

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