Footprints in the snow in Chupacabra Emanzhelinsk

December 26, 2012 3:16

Unknown animal paw prints found in the private sector on the street the first transport.

Early morning Nafiya Suleymanova out into the garden to feed the dog. Accident in her field of vision were strange footprints in the snow. At an unknown animal, who visited the yard at night, very long foot with four toes. Based on the trace, the beast "armed" impressive claws.

Surprisingly, these should be started only from the middle of the garden and go over the fence in an abandoned house. The same marks in the snow leading to the garden, there is a vacant lot. According to the hostess, her court visited the chupacabra. But the daughter Suleymanova believes that their guest was the ancient reptile.

— I have no explanation for it. Themselves clearly saw a trace, there are visible claws and deepening. Here, as if someone had jumped, probably a dinosaur — told "first regional" Elvira Suleymanova.

A series of attacks on home Chupacabra monastery was recorded about a year ago. Terrible beast noticed people Emanzhelinsk, Karabash, Kopeysk, Korkino, Verkhneuralsk and other cities. According to the South Urals, a predator interested in rabbits and chickens living in pens. After November 2011 Chupacabra attacks are not repeated, but traces of the animal still found in local forests.

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