For 2012, revenues RAC MiG was about 20 billion rubles

For 2012, revenues RAC "MiG" was about 20 billion rubles. This was today told reporters the president of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Mikhail Pogosyan.


Recall the recent Board of Directors of the UAC decided to reduce the share capital by 31 billion rubles. — Up to 189 billion rubles. In OAKe said that one of the reasons were losses of subsidiaries and affiliates, and the consequent reduction of the net assets of the holding.

"The most stable entities within the structure of the KLA are companies that provide the bulk of production — are companies operating in the sector of military aircraft. This is the leader of the United Aircraft Corporation — the company "Sukhoi" and the second system-Company — Corporation "Irkut". Significantly changed the situation in the RAC "MiG": by 2012. RAC "MiG" came to the rescue of about 20 billion rubles., Which already allows us to say that "MiG" will soon become a stable structure to the KLA ", — said Mr. Pogosyan.

He also said that if we talk about the problem enterprises, it is first of all businesses that have worked in the field of transport and civil aviation, "the previous generation." "It's Voronezh Aircraft Aircraft association," Aviastart "Kazan Aircraft Production Association — the main company, which today is engaged in the restructuring of the KLA", — said Mikhail Pogosyan.

"I have already said that I believe that the results of this study illustrate the need signed contracts for the supply of IL-76 production and assembly plant which will deal with" Aviastar "in cooperation with the Voronezh and Kazan. I believe that we are planning this year to sign a contract for the supply of government customers for civil aviation, and it is also significantly increase the loading and Voronezh and Kazan, and "Aviastar". Therefore, the measures that we take, have to give the results, but, of course, the commitments that have been built earlier and were not supported by appropriate volume of production, we are forced to restructure. This is not the result of some of our mistakes today, and this is the result of the stories with which you have to consider, "- said Mr. Pogosyan.

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