Forklifts CTZ try on a new engine

Upgraded machines with new engines "T" series to be presented at the Metropolitan CTT 2011. A serial loaders have earned the trust of consumers. This is our conversation with the head of engineering and design department Vladimir Kokoryukinym wheel technology.

loader PK-46

Frontier CTZ — 10000

— In my opinion, the most reliable car family is our first-born loader PK-46 — Vladimir A.. — These trucks produced the most and almost all still in use. Many machines entirely developed by the stated resource and continue to work hard. Three of them overstepped 10,000 hours.

The designers want to equip vrontalny loader PK-46 one-piece cardan without intermediate supports, which should reduce the cost of assembly and make it more reliable. Will be installed on the machines purchased tooth-tip bucket. They are more durable, long lasting and inexpensive. This product is a foreign supplier, it is put on "Komatsu" and "Caterpillar".

Opting for "four"

Began assembling loader PK-46 with four-cylinder engine "T" series. As told Vladimir Kokoryukin, the basic units are ready: rear frame for the installation of the engine, the engine itself and all of its systems. Not enough until the hydraulic station. Her wait in Barrow. At the subsidiary "Strommashina" frame trucks pass through shot-the camera, and they are covered with a phosphating primer, which ensures high quality and durability of the paint. At first, the so-prepared only for show cars, and now — all serial "wheelers." Paint nodes trucks directly in assembly-Picking shop number 2. Painting and design are special, exhibition — in the style and color of bulldozers B11.

wheel loader for PC-65

Installation of the new engine has demanded changes to the design half of the node groups and parts of the machine. Diesel Series "T" in size more than JAMZ, standing on the serial. This required a straighter silhouette hood. The truck will be a single block of four sectional radiators. All the systems that ensure the engine, changed almost completely.

KB on wheel technology has done everything to enter a promising diesel in a production car, precipitating a similar process of equipping the new "four" Loader PC-65: all of the engine is largely harmonized with those that have been designed for front-end loader PK-46. Diesel power for the largest of trucks increased from 180 to 240 horsepower. Although it would seem, for the larger machines better suited six-cylinder engine.

— On the contrary, "four" fits perfectly in the wheel loader PK-65 and is therefore more suited for it, — says Vladimir Kokoryukin.

— To set the "six" frame serial machines would extend 200 millimeters. To install the "quartet" enough to modify the existing structure. The machine will keep the hood and externally will not be different from those already known buyers "of the 65th." Terms of reference for the manufacture of the two samples given out at the end of March. The rear frame for the new engine has already been made in the welding shop. The manufacturers need to succeed in a short time to produce an upgraded loader.

Cheaper and safer

According to the smallest loader PC-30 any changes yet.

wheel loader for PC-30

On the front-end loader PC-30 is Minsk four diesel D-245, the most affordable in its class (even cheaper Chinese counterparts). For this reason it is popular and is placed on the number of domestic vehicles, including truck ZIL "Bull" and wheel tractor "Belarus". This engine is not balanced, and our colleagues at other plants on their own, and in many ways, solved the problem of vibration on their machines. They succeeded, then we can. In part, this has been done, but the work should continue.

Almost 90 percent of manufactured PC-30 are now in operation. Big Party — 15 cars — used community services Bashkortostan, where the trucks were delivered in 2009. Two PC-30 truck and one loader PK-46 are working in the rental enterprise "Mag-Line." They cleaned the snow all winter in the plant.

From Chelyabinsk to the New Earth

Front Loader PC-46, loaned to the company for the production of concrete, LLC "Simbet" in Chelyabinsk village Fedorivka works at a large round the perimeter of the hangar. Powerful ventilation pumps out exhaust gases. Loader takes a heap of sand and gruss — components for concrete — and loads them in a certain proportion to the lifting mechanism. "Kolesnik" with the name of "CTP" has replaced this old work "Komatsu", which often broke down. Downtime should not be here, so the safety net has kept one rented truck — Chinese "Liu Gong." With this work loader PK-46 handles one, and the services of "Chinese" refused. But the materials that make heavy loads "46th" soon enough "eaten" the bottom of the bucket. Then, the company produced a stronger version — without teeth and a smaller width of two and a half meters (maximum clear width for roads). The machine is now not only in the production of concrete works, but also cleans the road, performing other chores. In short, the tenants decided to buy Loved "46 minutes."

In extreme conditions, use the loader PK-46 in "Vankorneft." In 2006 — 2007 years it shipped three cars in 2009 — two more. All for northern, self-cab heater. One of the cars over three thousand hours worked in the New Earth with almost no maintenance.

Performance tests in Surgutneftegaz was leased to a forklift PC-65.

— Reviews of it in the report of experts were gorgeous, — says Vladimir Kokoryukin. — After the end of last year, we have a delegation Surgut, the company acquired just three front-loader PK-65. Today, it is by far the most in demand of the models produced by CTZ loaders.

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