Found for the existence of parallel worlds or universes

November 1, 2011 23:57

Astrophysicists have found signs of gravitational influence of other worlds, universes of our world. These symptoms have been found in the study of the cosmic microwave background radiation maps that exists everywhere in the universe from the earliest stages of her life.

Astronomers from the University College London analyzed the several zones of anomalous round.

The study found that these areas have a high temperature.

Experts have proposed the theory that these anomalies can be caused by the gravitational influence of other people's worlds in our universe!

Astrophysicist Stephen Feeney, noted that the study of these anomalous zones round, he and his colleagues suggest that it is a kind of "cosmic potholes," from our collision and parallel universes.

According to this theory, our universe is just one of the bubbles, flying in a sort of general N-dimensional space, and these bubble universes collide.

According to estimations of scientists, our universe bubble was at least 4 such collisions …

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