France. A mechanical menagerie of Les Machines De LLLE

At times, the French are capable of hitting the scale of their creations and original design ideas. Park mechanical animals Les Machines De L'LLE just another confirmation.

Prehistoric furious roar drowned out a squeal of children who run away immediately at the sight of him heading towards the giant creature. However, no cause for concern — flapping ears fantastic 48-ton elephant with a carved wooden body is moving very slowly.

Snorts steam and puffing animal walks in the park «Les Machines De L'LLE», which was turned into a former shipyard distribution in the industrial port city of Nantes, in the north-west of France. His dilapidated warehouses have been turned into a veritable "dream factory" — with workshops, where the mechanics and artists gather psychedelic carousel with herons and deep-sea creatures.

However, these bizarre animals are nothing more than a sophisticated toys for children. They are true works of art that are open to the general public, which thus offers entry into the world of retro tale that combines "fantasy worlds of Jules Verne and the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci."

"The form of the animals was elected to the moving machine gave people as much excitement," — says the artistic director Francois Delaroza mechanical zoo. "We have driven by a desire to create a city of popular imagination, in which visitors themselves become actors," — he added.

This wonderful park is the brainchild of "La maschina", which is famous for its incredible creations, such as, for example, a 15-foot spider that crawled over Liverpool in the UK as part of the city celebrations in the year 2008, according to CNN en.

In 2007, "La maschina" acquired for $ 19 million abandoned from 1987, the shipyard, in the hope of turning it into a lively destination for residents and tourists. To date, according to the local edition of Metropolis, these 337 acres is one of the largest urban projects in Europe.

Visitors can get into the park for free, while visitors can roam freely even through the shops where armed with hammers and cutter artists create their latest creations. However, wishing to drive on these wonderful animals still have to buy a ticket.

Animals started in a vintage style hand-carved bear the charm stimpapanka — the genre of science fiction with a steam engine. Interestingly, the emergence of such a park in Nantes is more than justified, because this city is home to the famous science fiction of the 19th century, Jules Verne.



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