France. Mountain Byugarash closed on 21.12.12. Where else can wait out the end of the world?

Adopted by the authorities of the French department of Aude decision to close access to the mountain Byugarash be upset supporters of the idea of a doomsday, because it is the top of this peak height of about 1.2 thousand meters, located in the foothills of the Pyrenees near the Spanish border, in the summer of last year, was proclaimed " Promised Land, "which allegedly can survive the upcoming magical date: 21.12.12, or the end of the world.

However, in the prefecture of Carcassonne, which manages the land, where the world-famous for the "new holy mountain of Sinai," believe that talking about a global cataclysm no more than idle chatter, and adherents of this theory — the dreamers. Therefore, the prefect of Eric Freyselinar ordered from the 18th to 23 December to close access to the peak, the hype around it is growing every day.

"We expect the arrival of a different kind of make-believe, who believe in the end of the world, but they will not be very much, — he explained. — In the more we fear the influx of sightseers, and their number can not be predicted. In addition, we expect that journalists will come to us. "

According Freyselinara, hundreds of police officers and firefighters, "at the time of the end of the world" will block access to Byugarash village, which is situated at the foot of the mountain of the same name, so that the supporters of the apocalypse will not be able to climb to the peak. These extreme measures authorities explain first of all a desire to keep quiet 200 local residents. In addition, because of the massive accumulation of "believers" on the slopes can begin crowding, causing people to suffer, according to ITAR-TASS.

Many believe that December 21, 2012 will end. That same day, the current cycle ends on the famous stone calendar of the Maya civilization. At the same time the figure in 2012 is a derivative of the three sixes, which in esoteric literature indicate the number of the beast.

According to numerous psevdoyasnovidyaschih telling about their "visions" mainly through the Internet, the chance of survival during a global cataclysm will be only for those who are on the top of the mountain Byugarash. This peak, which resembles a giant landing or take-off area, and previously was at the center of various occultists. They believed that the shelter is located underneath the Cathars (Christian religious sect), the base of aliens, and even the gate to another world.


Oh, man, how did not I know about this mountain, and that would go with my family … And now all you have to meet at home 21.12.12. 

It seems that this year, this "holiday" will wait more than a New Year's Eve.

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