Fraudsters of the late light (Le Figaro, France)

On December 21, 2012, after 731 days, is scheduled end of the world and the beginning of great chaos on the Mayan calendar. All the natural elements of revolt and carry with them our world. Giant star crash into the Earth, the Sun impossibly red-hot planet, and it will turn into one huge blazing hearth.

Prophecy, which is now spreading on the Internet, has become the impetus for the film-catastrophe ("2012", a film by Roland Emmerich
(Roland Emmerich)) and gather a crowd of followers. We are witnessing the phenomenon of global scale, against which sales are growing bins, yurts, rescue kits and related products of all kinds. T-shirts, video games, pens, caps sold as running an advertising campaign of a new movie. Apocalypse has now become a real business. Scams assorted gurus and scammers are just beginning.In France, this end of the world is particularly concerned about one person. This is Jean-Pierre Delor (Jean-Pierre Delord), Mayor Bugarash village with a population of 200 souls in the department of Aude. At the same time he and his team have a lot to rejoice: according to the wise men of the world wide web, this village will be saved. All will burn and turn to smoke, but this small town, and even, perhaps, some parts of the Pyrenees (unfortunately, there is not a detailed map!) So, according to online pythonesses will develop a great cataclysm.Vault $ 200 millionHowever, knowing that it was his village saved, heartrending lord mayor. "We would have managed without it" — he says, getting ready to call the army for help if the situation gets out of control. Information that Bugarash already taken by storm, quickly spread around the world. Settled there wonderful association for peace, for a hike in the footsteps of Christ or kosmozvezdnuyu meditation. At the peak Bugarash
are silent marches. Are beginning to gather enlightened. Some bring their pendulum in anticipation of "vibrations", others come almost naked. Two weeks ago, the mayor said that one of them, naked as a worm, was standing on the top of the mountain, and cried to the stars … Very unwise action in the middle of winter! House prices are skyrocketing, "now they are sold at four times the price of the average price," — says Jean-Pierre Delors, regretting that Bugarash
converted to New Vasyuki. This rural town now know even in the American heartland. With the help of various websites many Americans got tickets to be there December 21, 2012. "It will present invasion" — lamenting the mayor. After the arrival of groups to clean the soul, spirit and connection with the cosmos, he has already taken the necessary measures. And it warned the gendarmerie and the Inter-ministerial mission of vigilance and anti-sectarian deviations. Bugarash is currently under observation.Interministerial mission very seriously December 21, 2012.
It is closely monitoring the activities in France, there were thirty-apocalyptic movements, whose adherents are a total of 30 000 people. Mission recently learned that the pit dug in the Pyrenees have been adapted for housing, and that there appeared yurt. "The past has taught us that such beliefs can lead to tragedy" — recalls the mission chairman Georges Fenech (Georges Fenech). The worst of these occurred 30 years ago in Guyana committed mass suicide of 914 members of the Peoples Temple cult. Among them were 276 children. "There is no need to panic, but we need to be vigilant: people can engage in a desperate gamble" — says Georges Fenech. In April next year, he is going to present the Prime Minister on these apocalyptic movements. This work aims to alert the public opinion about all the possible dangers and scams. This warning is now more important than ever, because this phenomenon is spread throughout the planet.Government entities around the world in a state of alarm. In different countries, in the rampant relevant sites, diverge circles worst rumors, several movements have been cleared. First, Internet users in Russia saw in the terrible fires of last summer sign, presaging the end of the world. Then in Australia in May this year, police conducted an operation in one of the sects. Her guru, brother Rock, aka Rocco Leo (Rocco Leo), convinced 60 followers to invest money in the purchase of the island in the Pacific Ocean in order to save it from the Apocalypse. In the U.S., sold tens of books on survival. According to one of the sites of the survivors will be united around the world and collect provisions. California company «Vivos» sells underground shelters for $ 200 million, intended to save the 3000 favorite. In these places, the location of which remains a mystery, the animals will be placed only in the form of DNA samples. There is a virtual tour of the bunker in 3D. Pumped to an alarming atmosphere every effort. For this enterprise is those living developer Robert (Robert Vicino), which states that to date, he already has 6,000 customers. However, whether or not Bob is sure that after December 21, 2012 he will not have to smoke the sky? Businessman thinks it's the wrong question: "We are ready, that's all." In Belgium, another businessman, Patrick Zheril (Patrick Geryl), offers bunkers in southern Africa. "We are closely monitoring all of these movements for survival" — explains Sandrine Matin (Sandrine Mathen), the representative of the Centre for Information and forecasting activities harmful sectarian organizations. According to her, the main danger is a situation that can develop after December 21, 2012"When all those who have paid a lot of money, will see that the world has not changed. There is a risk that they fell into a deep depression. "Finally, we head to Quebec. As in other areas, coverage has prompted fears Lamontanya Robert (Robert Lamontagne), astronomer, University of Quebec to act. Now he stands to conferences around the country. His goal: to explain using scientific terms, that life goes on. "I thought I had to do it, because I was stunned despair of children who are convinced that they will soon die. Everyone in the school is talking about it, and the parents do not always have a scientific argument to calm them down. "Dish called December 21, 2012 owes its success to the recipe, which were picked up great ingredients. First, Maya. Human civilization knew what we — enlightened humanity — and not guess. Difficult calendar was decoded, while the faces of the researchers was read horror. They allegedly discovered that it announced the end of the world. It sounds like the beginning of a science fiction novel. Plus various prophecies. "It's the stupid end of the world" — fun Alain Cyr (Alain Cirou), science journalist and author of "2012." End of the world will not. "In the previous parts of the world are only talking about a catastrophe, but this time we have gathered a bit of everything and got incredibly dangerous mix!"According to the oracle of the World Wide Web, we really threatened five deaths threats, or civilization will perish as a result of their joint impact. First, the Earth, the Sun and the center of our galaxy may line up in a straight line. Second, along the same axis can line up the planets of our solar system. Third, it is an abrupt change of the poles — the North moved to the South and vice versa. Fourth, increased solar activity. Finally, wandering star, the planet Nibiru,
which hits the Earth … In each of these cases, a catastrophe. The crust will break, the planet cracked, ignite, and the oceans will fall upon us. "This is terrible, because in one pile piled present and false events" — lamenting Robert Lamontan. "Consider this — he says. — Indeed, there are periods of high solar activity. It has already happened and we are still talking about it. " Nibiru is a pure fiction. "It is said that the star is approaching the Earth once every 3600 years. If it existed, we would have seen it before, "- emphasizes the scientist.Fear of climate change

All of these disasters have such an impact on the minds as they reflect real fears. The ozone layer, climate change, tsunamis, hurricanes … — because of all the phenomena we are afraid of nature. And in fact it should rage at the winter solstice in 2012. "The end of the world there since, as the light itself. This is part of our heritage.God and man in turn stood at its source. 2012 disaster scenario
year reflects the fear of climate change, "- says the historian Luc Marie (Luc Mary). This view is shared by Catherine Picard (Catherine Picard), president of the National Union of Associations for families and individuals from the sects. On the Internet, mixed all the environmental data, such as the end of oil and the beginning of a new era.Thus all exploited fears about the future. " And all of this, she said, in general, anti-scientific context: "to develop large current, which calls into question the legitimacy of medicine and to the scientists." As a result, when NASA, who had come in 2009 to soothe the minds, says that will not be the end of the world, he is accused of plotting!This fatal Date December 21, 2012,
estimated to Luc Marie, is neither more nor less than the 183-m notice the disappearance of humanity since the fall of the Roman Empire. In addition, these harbingers of the Apocalypse so not sure of the success that has already appeared on the web and other dates. The following parts of the world are planned for 2014, 2036 and 2040 years … So, at Christmas is yet to come!Angelica Negroni (Angelique NegroniI), Fabrice Node-Langlois (Fabrice Node-Langlois)


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