FROM RUSSIA AND CHINA IS clear understanding SU-35 — POGHOSIAN

FROM RUSSIA AND CHINA IS clear understanding SU-35 - POGHOSIAN
Russian United Aircraft Company (UAC) «feels» that it is possible to realize the Su-35 to China, despite the existing fear about the «Chinese perspective» on mental Facilities, reports February 18.

«We have to cancel the opportunity to work with China on this issue (Su-35) regardless of the success of Chinese industry (copy previously supplied Russian fighters),» said the president of the KLA, CEO of «Sukhoi» Mikhail Pogosyan. Last week, speaking to reporters at the Singapore Airshow 2014 exhibition, Pogosyan said the question whether he is concerned about the problem of compliance with mental accessory: «We will find a place in the Chinese market and will find a way to strike a balance on the background of China’s success.»

Media, citing anonymous sources from the company «Rosoboronexport» report that Moscow and Beijing may sign a contract for 20 Su-35 in 2014.

Beijing is very interested in acquiring technologies in key areas such as aircraft engines and avionics. In the Russian defense circles have fear that China may, in its discretion, use technology Su-35, as it was done with a Su-27 fighter J-11B and decked combat aircraft J-15, the Su-33. Pogosyan claims that copying aircraft (Su-35), made «4-5 years ago,» is not a «development tool».

«I believe that we and our Chinese colleagues have accurate awareness on this issue. I do not know successful examples of copying. The plane is very difficult product to make good copy. Plane is constantly growing organism. If you do not understand how it was created, you can not understand what to do with him for the next 3-4 years. I believe that we have more opportunities for joint development. We and our Chinese colleagues do not look back, we look to the future, «said Pogosyan.

OAK president also said that in 2013 the Russian Air Force delivered 12 serial Su-35 fighters. This aircraft in «full serial configuration.» They were made after the release of 10 pre-machines that were used in 2010-2013 for testing.

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